NC Phenom 150 Session 1

Team 7 Evaluations

Coach: Grant Hodges

No. 7 5'7 '19 Patrick Harrington (Riverside HS, Durham, NC)

Patrick has great end to end speed. He is very good in transition defense, and carries that mentality into the half court as a very good on ball defender. Patrick understands the importance of keeping his man out of the land, and his man rarely gets to the rim. On the offensive side of the ball, Patrick sees the floor well and tries to get his teammates involved. He is also a good passer in transition. This year Patrick needs to continue to work on extending his range as a shooter, and he will have a great season.

No. 30 5'10 '20 Rashawn Pleasant (Northern Guilford HS, Greensboro, NC)

Rashawn possesses a great attitude and a team first approach to the game. He does all the little things that all coaches love. He sets screens on and off the ball for his teammates. He is a very good rebounding guard on both the offensive and defensive glass. Rashawn is always listening and encouraging his teammates. He plays good defense on and off the ball. He also can get to the rim in transition as well as in half court sets. Rashawn has a good mid-range game to compliment his attack the rim attitude.

No. 43 5'11 '21 Callahan Reed (Lake Norman Charter, Huntersville, NC)

Callahan is a very good young prospect at the point guard position. He has great vision in the open court, and he is a willing passer. He gets his teammates involved on the offensive end. Callahan has a tight handle, and he has the ability to get to the rim and finish himself or find the open man spotted up on the perimeter. He is a deceptively good on the ball defender and understands how to play help defense. The great thing about Callahan is that he is an extremely coachable player with a great attitude. He needs to assert himself as a leader vocally as he progresses through his high school season.

No. 66 6'0 '20 Joshua Tyler (Westchester Country Day, High Point, NC)

Joshua is a very athletic guard that understands how to play the game. He has a great feel on both sides of the ball. In transition, he can lead the break or fill the lane and score from either. Joshua also has nose for the ball and rebounds well from the wing. He also has the ability to keep his man out of the lane. His best quality is his toughness. He will guard anyone and challenges everyone. Joshua possesses a great attitude and shows leadership on the court as well as on the bench. This a quality that is hard to find. As Joshua continues to work on his shooting range, his game will see great improvement.

No. 80 6'1 '19 Langdon Boliek (Fayetteville Academy, Fayetteville, NC)

Langdon has a defensive minded approach to his game. He energizes his team on the defensive end of the court. He knows how to play screening action and communicates well. He disrupts the offense and gets his team going with these disruptions. Langdon also has the ability to knock down open jumpers with ease. He runs the floor well and understands how to fill lanes and good offensive spacing. I expect Langdon to have a great high school season, and with his work ethic I know he will make great strides in his game.

No. 103 6'2 '18 John Beecy (Charlotte Latin, Charlotte, NC)

John is a great teammate and very coachable. He goes hard on every possession on both ends of the floor. He gives great effort and never takes a play off. He possesses toughness and a great attitude. John plays unselfishly and knows when to pick his spots to score. He attacks the rim in transition and in the half court with assertiveness. He is a good on the ball defender and also understands help concepts. He is an exceptional offensive rebounder. His ability to knock down the mid range jump shot allows him to keep his defender off balance.

No. 116 6'2 '20 Wykise Allen (South Granville HS, Oxford, NC)

Wykise is a very good young prospect. He possesses the size and physical ability to be an outstanding player going forward. He is a tough, hard-nosed defender that can guard multiple positions on the court. He is an eyes-up player in transition with the ability to pass or finish at the rim. Wykise is an unselfish player. He has the ability to knock down shots off the dribble and off the catch. He rebounds great on the offensive glass gaining extra possessions for his team. Wykise will have a strong Sophomore campaign and will be an asset for his high school team.

No. 139 6'3 '19 Marvin Reed Jr. (Faith Assembly, Durham, NC)

Marvin plays with a high motor and a team first attitude. He plays much larger than 6'3' and possesses the ability to rebound against much bigger and stronger players. He doesn't back down from anyone, and he relishes the challenge of playing against bigger players. Marvin also wants to guard the opposing teams best player, and he can with ease. This attribute is rare in today's game. This attitude will take Marvin far in his playing career. Marvin can score off the bounce and the catch, and he also knows when to shoot and when to pass.

No. 152 6'4 '18 Kevin Kayongo (Mountain View HS, Lawrenceville, GA)

Wow! First, let me say that Kevin is one the most coachable kids I've had in any of the Phenom events. He listens and learns from everything around him. He asks great questions and you know right away he is very cerebral player and student of the game of basketball. With that said, Kevin dunks everything. He is an extremely gifted athlete that plays the game the right way. He can guard all five spots on the floor. On the offensive end, he attacks the rim with authority, can score in bunches with his mid-range pull-up, and has the ability to knock down the three ball. He is a talented player, and an even better person. I look forward to following his senior season and his college career. He will be a success.

No 175 6'8 '19 Owen McCormack (Davie County HS, Mocksville, NC)

Owen is a great three point shooting big man. He makes threes at a high rate, but still possesses a great inside game. He has great footwork and hands. Add these to his ability to score in a variety of ways in the paint, and you have a complete player. Owen is surprisingly athletic for his size and runs the floor with a purpose. He scores in transition. He rebounds on the defensive end with authority, and the ball never comes down when he makes the outlet pass to trigger the break. Owen has a great future. His upside is tremendous.