NC Jr. Phenom 150

Team 10 Evaluations

Coach: Gary Williams

#25: 5'0 '22 Riggs Handy (Greensboro, NC)

Starting things off, we look at a player that showed grittiness and determination throughout camp, Riggs Handy. He's a guard that displays a strong understanding of the game, which is especially evident when he has the ball and looking to create for others. Handy plays hard and will do anything to put his team in a winning situation on either side of the floor. He shot the ball quite well from midrange and three-point territory, making the most of his catch-and-shoot opportunities. Next in his development process is improving his ability to move without the ball, as it would make him an even better spot-up option. Coach Williams on Handy: Riggs played hard each game and showed that he wanted to compete. He did a good job on both sides of the floor and gained confidence each game.' Handy will be one to pay close attention to going forward, as he has the shooting ability that turns heads.

#56: 5'3 '23 Maurice Robinson (Charlotte, NC)

Next, we look at a player that was competitive and eager to learn throughout camp, Maurice Robinson. He's a lead guard that provided a nice mix of offensive approaches, looking to score on all three levels and create for his teammates whenever possible. Robinson was at his best in transition, where he awarded himself numerous easy buckets at the rim. He works to be the first one back in transition on defense. Next in his development process is becoming a more vocal leader on both sides of the ball, as it would certainly elevate his game to a new level. Coach Williams on Robinson: 'Maurice is a tough player, but needs to be less timid. He also needs to work on the overall strength of his left hand, because it'll help him tremendously in the long run. Maurice moved well without the ball, but needs to work on calling for it and being a more talkative player on the floor.' Robinson showcased a nice array of skills during camp and will be one to keep an eye on going forward.

#101: 5'6 '23 Rory Skow (Raleigh, NC)

Moving onto a player that shot the ball exceptionally well throughout camp and had a very coachable attitude, Rory Skow. He's a wing that thrives from playing off-ball, where he moved often and found open space, which led to countless easy jumpers. Skow is more than a shooter, as he got after it on both sides of the floor, hustled for loose balls, and got back in transition with urgency. He has a very well rounded game at this stage in his playing career and should have the ability to coexist with any collection of teammates. Next in his development process is working on getting quicker on the defensive end, as his game could reach new heights. Coach Williams on Skow: 'Rory is a good shooter that did a nice job spotting-up and knocking down opportunities; he also moved well without the ball and understood how to relocate within a possession. He needs to keep working on his ability to put the ball on the floor and penetrate to the basket.' Skow displayed a variety of skills that should easily translate to the high school level, now it's all about sharpening those skills.

#106: 5'7 '23 Joshua Daniels (Florence, SC)

Continuing onto a player that displayed a great work ethic throughout camp and understood how to involve himself in every possession, Joshua Daniels. He's a forward that is constantly going, hunting the ball and looking to make a play or force a turnover. Daniels is fairly quick and showcased great footwork on defense, but needs to improve his overall play on that end of the floor. He shot the ball well given time in catch-and-shoot situations from midrange and three-point distance. Next in his development process is using his off-hand more, as it would certainly open up pathways that his game hasn't yet discovered. Coach Williams on Daniels: 'Josh is a solid player but needs to not be in a rush with the ball, instead, take your time and make good decisions. He needs to work on moving without the ball, but shot the ball well in his opportunities.' Daniels certainly has tools to work with and should continue working to become a two-way threat.

#121: 5'8 '22 Bradley Duke (Concord, NC)

Next, we look at a player that was able to make an impressive impact on the defensive end of the floor, Bradley Duke. He was considered the top defender on his team, always ready and willing to guard the opponents' best player, frequently shutting them down. Offensively, Duke showed a solid ability to score on all three levels, including strong drives and numerous baskets in transition. Next in his development process is using his off hand more often, as it would open up a considerable amount of opportunities on the offensive end. Coach Williams on Duke: 'Bradley is a quality player with a great feel for the game. He's a plus on defense and has the ability to play either guard position quite well. Bradley needs to keep working on his fundamentals, but could be a very good player.' Going forward, Duke will be one to keep an eye on, as he could definitely become a high-level prospect that hones his abilities on both ends of the floor.

#131: 5'9 '24 Amir Guess (Columbia, SC)

Moving onto a player that has a clear desire and passion for the game, and wants to get better in all facets, Amir Guess. He's a young wing that goes out and provides terrific energy, looking to do anything to put his team in a winning position. Guess is still learning the nuances of the game, but has a great motor and is the type of relentless worker that every team needs. He made the most of his opportunities on offense and played selfless basketball, always trying to find teammates and create for others. Next in his development process is brushing up on his feel for the game and just continuing to learn who he is as a player on both sides of the floor. Coach Williams on Guess: 'Amir is a great listener and clearly wants to get better on the court. He needs to work on his shooting form and the fundamentals, as he already possesses the intangibles necessary to be successful.' Guess is only beginning to scratch the surface and will certainly be a better prospect when we see him next.

#132: 5'9 '22 William Jenkins (Charlotte, NC)

Continuing onto a player that was easily the hardest worker on his team and showcased a tremendous motor on both sides of the ball, William Jenkins. He could be found near the ball at all times, where he was always harassing the ball handler and forcing a turnover. Offensively, Jenkins shot the ball very well from all three levels and played through contact on penetration opportunities near the rim. He's incredibly quick and that is his best asset on either side of the ball, as it allows him to mirror his opponent defensively and then torch them offensively. Next in his development process is learning how to better move without the ball, as it would warrant him a ton of open catch-and-shoot situations. Coach Williams on Jenkins: 'William did a better job in the second game trusting his teammates and showed that he can get to the basket at will. He's a solid shooter but would benefit greatly from developing a pull-up from midrange. William works incredibly hard and doesn't stop; has absolutely great energy.' Jenkins has as much upside as anyone from camp and should look to harness it sooner than later.

#144: 5'10 '22 Max DeNamur (Asheboro, NC)

Next, we look at a player that stood out for a variety of reasons, but mainly, his elite rebounding numbers, Max DeNamur. He's a strong-bodied forward that benefits the most when playing around the basket, where he was able to gobble up any miss and turn it into immediate points. DeNamur displayed a great attitude, work ethic, and 'take no prisoners' approach, constantly looking to disrupt opponents while making plays without the ball. He always looked to make the extra pass and earned numerous assists from interior passes. Next in his development process is continuing to develop his jumper until he can find a go-to option. Coach Williams on DeNamur: 'Max will be a coach favorite wherever he goes with the amount of attention he demands on the glass. He rebounds through crowds of three, four, or five people and seems to always come out with the ball. Max did a great job and needs to keep working on his fundamentals.' DeNamur should continue outworking everyone on the glass while expanding the rest of his game. If he does this, he will be a very intriguing player.

#166: 6'0 '24 Nnamdi Ogboko (Durham, NC)

Moving onto a player that has an unbelievable amount of upside on both ends of the floor, Nnamdi Ogboko. He's a big man with a very mature body for his current age and could continue growing; he's in sixth grade! Ogboko rebounded everything in sight and is only beginning to understand how good he could actually be. He posts up well and shows decent fluidity on the low block, which entails promise for what moves he'll be able to develop. Ogboko brings a great attitude and is coachable on and off the floor; he plays unselfishly and would rather win than look cool. Next in his development process is continuing to develop his knowledge for the game, as the mental abilities are irreplaceable, especially for a big man. Coach Williams on Ogboko: 'Nnamdi can post up pretty well and doesn't mind getting physical'I gave him the nickname 'Baby Bam' [for Phenom alum and Miami Heat rookie Bam Adebayo]. He is already productive but should work on building a low base, keeping his hips down and his overall footwork.' Ogboko has all the tools necessary to be an extremely intriguing prospect and only time will tell how good he can be.

#178: 6'2 '22 Dylan Wiggins (Garner, NC)

Finishing up, we look at a player that already makes a noticeable impact on both ends of the floor, Dylan Wiggins. He's a long-armed forward with the ability to demand attention on all three levels offensively while possessing the ability to shut down his assignment on the other end. Wiggins goes after the ball hard on rebounds and seemed to force countless turnovers in transition. He gets to the rim with ease and can already finish through contact, with either hand. Next in his development process is working on moving without the ball, as it would provide him with numerous catch-and-shoot opportunities that he could easily turn into points. Coach Williams on Wiggins: 'Dylan did a really good job on defense and it was evident that he wanted to win the battle on that end. He plays the passing lanes well. Dylan needs to keep working on that midrange jumper, as it will be his best avenue for scoring when he becomes a complete player.' Wiggins will be an obvious candidate to keep an eye on going forward, as there could be a major uptick in his recruitment sooner than later.