Lake Norman 67 South Pointe 53

LK: Samantha Shehan 29, Alexis Shehan 23
SP: JaNyia Cunningham 17, Serenity Wood 12

2025 Alexis Shehan and 2025 Samantha Shehan (Lake Norman): The Shehan sisters were at it again, continuing to showcase their importance to this team and their overall impact. The ability to have a team that allows them both to shine, be used and shine as versatile pieces, and be excellent scoring options is impressive; they should only garner more offers this season in a big way. Both understand how to be effective from various levels, scoring off the dribble, displaying quick releases, and both being physically tough, as they both poured it on in this game.

2027 JaNyia Cunningham (South Pointe): Just a freshman, Cunningham holds early D1 offers and that list should only continue to grow with what we saw. It is hard to believe that she is such a young prospect, but she understands how she can impact the game, is physically strong and active, does a great job in getting to her spots and posting in the paint, and finishing strong down low and on the boards. It wont be long before you hear her name more and will have plenty of schools coming her way as she continues to develop.

Myers Park 70 Cuthbertson 52

MP: Amani Barner 22pts, Evelyn Jimenez-Willis 12pts, Jerin Truesdale 12pts
Cuth: Christian Johnson 7pts, Christian Mundy 11pts, Ava Beals 15pts

2027 Amani Barner (Myers Park): We got a feeling this is going to be a name you start hearing a lot more about with her play. She was excellent on the night, scoring, being active, and competing on the defensive end.  She filled it up offensively, scoring and driving, moving well without the ball to create easy scoring opportunities, and playing with a lot of energy. And she brings that same energy and competitive nature on the defensive end.  Only a freshman, but she checks a lot of boxes early on and has tremendous positional size. Start learning her name today.

2027 Christian Mundy and 2027 Christian Johnson (Cuthbertson): Two other freshmen that earned my attention, these are two guards that should lead the charge in a big way for this program in the coming years. Mundy has a fluid release and plays at a great pace, showing range and shot-making ability. Johnson is a strong creator with the ball, getting paint touches, driving and scoring, but also setting up teammates.

2025 Evelyn Jimenez-Willis (Myers Park): Evelyn is a developing big to watch out for, but she showcased how much she can cause for opponents with her 63 frame and ability to be a huge presence around the basket. Finding ways to secure rebounds, being active in the post and around the basket, and getting to the line, she was tough to stop and always seemed to be active when on the court.

AC Reynolds 58 North Meck 53

NM: Boston Bates 23pts, Morgan Knox 14pts
ACR: Peyton Harvey 19pts, Julie Janus 10pts, Adalyn Wilkinson 8pts

2025 Peyton Harvey (AC Reynolds): Harvey is impressed with her in this one. She is getting looks from college programs, but with her play tonight and down the road, that list could continue to expand. She has a tremendous and strong feel for the game. Harvey is a strong creator who finds ways to get to her spots, create space, and can score in various ways. She can step in and knock down shots, or make plays happen for herself and others off the dribble. Also plays hard defensively.

2024 Boston Bates (North Meck): The senior was effective and consistent throughout the game, showing her confidence level in knocking down shots inside and out. She helped lead the charge for her team, especially finding ways to get to her spots for her jumper. Really stepped up as a leader.

2027 Morgan Knox (North Meck): Throughout the night, we continued to learn about some of the young talent in the state and Knox was one of the young stars that impressed. She plays with composure and confidence, acting more like a veteran than a freshman.  She did a great job of showing her confidence from outside and knocking down big shots, as well as penetrating and attacking downhill.  She is one of several young stars for North Meck to watch down the road.

2024 Julie Janus (AC Reynolds): Part of a strong duo for this team, Janus did a little bit of everything on the court and certainly left it all out there. Whether she was displaying her ability to create and find her teammates, move without the ball and create scoring opportunities, and display her vision. She brings an edge to her game and she stepped up big in critical moments for her team.