#154- Dawson McAlhany- Solid guard prospect with nice size and a quality feel for the game; he’s pretty skilled on offense and understands how to score within the team-concept. He’ll be a definite contributor for his high school team.


#213- Ethan Hefner- Athletic wing prospect with great size and a rugged two-way approach. One could argue that his motor and ability to constantly pursue rebounds are his most valuable/translatable attributes.


#215- Kaleb Brooks- Big-bodied forward prospect that can shoot the ball exceptionally well from beyond the arc. He spaces the floor and is problematic for opponents in transition, especially when filling the lane and absorbing contact in the paint.


#229- Shane Fernald- Young forward prospect with glue-guy ability and a nice list of intangibles; he is able to consistently affect the game on both ends of the floor. Fernald is still in the early stages of his development and will be one to monitor over the coming years.


#130- Mason Carver- Intelligent, well-rounded guard prospect with incredible polish and unselfish approach to the game. He scores efficiently from all three levels and can toggle between either backcourt position. Carver is a surefire scholarship-level player.


#152- Brock Williams- Attack-first guard prospect with sharp ball-handling and the ability to create space against any opponent. He glides to the rim with relative ease and showcases great two-way athleticism.


#163- Jay Hladik- Strong, athletic wing/forward prospect with a nice frame and motor, which allows him to make a great impact on the game. He rebounded the ball very well throughout the day and often went coast-to-coast in transition.


#174- Walter Ghaffar- Athletic scoring guard with nice physical presence and a continually improving frame. He knows how to pick his spots on all three levels, but can play without the ball and apply pressure as a spot-up option.


#197- Colin Radcliffe- Guard prospect with IQ, size, and quality feel for the game; he plays well above the rim and does so with great regularity. Radcliffe is able to get downhill and attack or spot-up around the arc and knock down open shots.


#220- Traymond Willis-Shaw- Long-armed terror that consistently makes his presence felt on both sides of the ball. He alters and blocks nearly every shot attempt that enters his area while collecting an abundance of rebounds.


#224- Hunter Sloop- Big man with great size and polish; he has an impressive motor and knows how to utilize it. Sloop rebounds, blocks shots, and displays terrific skill on offense. He will be one to monitor.


#232- Owen Spencer- Skilled big man with sturdy frame and hard-nosed approach to both sides of the ball. He screens hard, dives with purpose, and displays great touch around the basket. Spencer monitored the paint very well and altered numerous shots on the day.