It was a pretty good week for the staff at Mars Hill, as they secured two big commitments from players in the Carolina’s.  2021 Kadyn Dawkins and 2021 Janyle Pittman both announced their commitment this week, giving the program two prospects that they hope can help the future of the program.  Phenom Hoops has seen both in action and also reached out to both on their decision.  This is what they had to say and what we have said about each of their game.

2021 Kadyn Dawkins

PHR: What made Mars Hill the place you wanted to call home?

Dawkins: They treated me and my family like they had known us for years and I really appreciated it.  The coaches and I built a great relationship which led to my decision.

PHR: What are they hoping you can bring to the table with your game?

Dawkins: Really just my overall game, my ability to get others involved, and my scoring ability and knocking down open shots.

PHR: How did you inform the staff and what did they have to say when you told them?

Dawkins: I called Coach Vic and told him that I was committing to them and he seemed really excited and said he was ready to start this great journey.

What has Phenom Hoops said:

“In terms of his actual game, Dawkins is an intelligent, crafty point guard prospect with a phenomenal balance between playmaking and three-level scoring. He possesses volleyball-line range and regularly creates (and hits) incredibly difficult jumpers with the opposition draped all over him. Dawkins is a sharp, willing passer with great timing and understanding of ball placement. His quickness and end-to-end speed allow him to dominate transition and touch the paint seemingly whenever he wants. Dawkins is slightly undersized but plays bigger than his listed height and still outperforms all types of opponents on both ends of the floor. He’s a useful rebounder with a great nose for the ball, which allows him to grab and go with relative ease. Defensively, Dawkins is underrated due to his size but truly mirrors opposing ball-handlers and forces on/off-ball steals with consistency. He is a leader, both vocally and by example, and continues to be one of the most underrated players across North Carolina.”

2021 Janyle Pittman

PHR: What were the factors that ultimately made Mars Hill the place for you?

Pittman: I felt comfortable with the coaches and I felt a connection.  And I look for stability.  It’s a stable staff that seems to be growing.  I also like the way the players interacted with me and with their coaches.  I felt a lot of love on campus as well as off campus.  I felt like it was a place where I would want to spend my next four years of my life, growing as a person and as a player.

PHR: How did you inform the staff and what did they have to say?

Pittman: I called Coach Finora and I was like coach, I’m tired of waiting, lets do it… he was glad about my commitment, really put a smile on his face.”

What has Phenom Hoops said:

“A player that consistently stands out as one of the most productive all-around prospects in South Carolina, Janyle Pittman. He’s a strong, athletic, physical two-way wing/forward prospect with excellent versatility and the ability to make his presence felt in a variety of different ways. Pittman effortlessly defends three positions at the high school level while showing an understanding of how to relentlessly outwork opponents on the glass on both ends of the floor. He’s a powerful athlete, especially in transition or when attacking the basket, but also displays a quality amount of skill to his game.”