South Carolina continues to be a state full of potential and talent, especially players that don't necessarily get the attention they deserve.  That is why we are looking to shed more light on the state. 

One player that captured my eyes and I'm personally interested in watching develop as a player is 2023 6'3 Zion Wright with Carolina Pressure.  We have watched this young man on multiple occasions and got a chance to view him once again this weekend at the Phenom MDC, where he continues to bring intrigue with his length and versatility.  With his frame, he rises over defenders, showing his continuing development in his perimeter game.  You add that to his ability to make an impact on both sides of the floor, there is just several factors that check off along with there still being potential with his game.

We watched him at the South Carolina Top 80, where we had this to say:

'Next, we look at a player that made an excellent two-way impact despite being among the youngest campers in attendance, Zion Wright. He's a smart, team-first wing/forward prospect that simply knows how to affect all facets of the game and fill in the gaps on both ends without forcing the action. Wright does everything at an above-average level, from handling the ball and creating for others to fighting for rebounds and loose balls. He plays with a terrific motor and shows a willingness to compete on every single possession, especially on the glass. Wright is an efficient three-level scorer that will do whatever is needed to provide his team with an edge. Coach Pope on Wright: 'Zion is very long and athletic. He does a great job of slipping past defenders and getting himself open for shots. Zion needs to work on using his length to get to the rim and finishing. Defensively, his long arms allow him to alter shots that he's not the primary defender on.'

Watching him again this weekend in Rock Hill just reminded us again about Wright's game and why he should be getting a few more looks his way, as well as being a name to really remember in the class of 2023.

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