2026 Rares Trandafir (Rabun Gap): This was a new name for us at the event, but the 6’11 sophomore big man showed flashes of what he could be down the road. Trandafir moved well, showed solid footwork, and made his presence felt on both sides of the floor. He was able to help alter shots at times, but also is very fluid offensively which makes him intriguing. He is one that I would keep an eye on for sure.

2025 Tj Jackson (Oak Hill Red): Jackson consistently filled it up at the event, being one of the go-to scorers on the floor for his team. He scored well in a variety of ways, created well for himself off the bounce, and knocked down shots. Time after time, he was looked upon as a player to get the offense going, and that he did for much of the event.

2024 Coleman Lawhon (Davie County): Lawhon is a player that we have known about but we wanted to show more light to get his name out there. Some may not know of this senior guard, but Lawhon was delivering terrific passes, creating and being that playmaker, and scoring over defenders, and knocking down shots. He has a good feel for the game and made strong decisions.

2025 Justin Brown (Thales Academy): Brown could garner more attention, as the long, lengthy, and athletic prospect brings versatility to the court, can impact the game in a variety of ways on both ends, scores well inside the paint and at the rim, but also gets to his spots to knock down shots. He brings consistency to the court as well as versatility.

2024 Robert Magner (Pine Lake Prep): Magner is another player we have talked about highly but it is time for others to learn his name. Magner is a guard/wing player who can fill it up and does so all over the court. He has shown that he can have some big-time offensive showings, knocking down threes consistently and using his size to his advantage in other ways.

2027 Caiden Jenkins (North Raleigh Christian): Jenkins is a young freshman to watch, as the 6’2 guard is long and skilled for his age, can create off the bounce, and showed that he can be a creator for himself and others on the court. He is an effective scoring guard who is just starting his HS career, but one to keep tabs on and see how he develops.