2025 Chloe Ross (Butler):

Ross is one that goes a bit under the radar but she gives you a lot to offer while also continuing to develop.  She has the size that you like at 6’3, and really grew as a player from her freshman season to her sophomore season, as she finished averaging 11.4ppg, 12.4rpg, and 2.3bpg.  Ross is one that really makes her presence known in the paint on both sides, and though she may not get talked about as much now, she would be one on my radar this upcoming high school season. 

2025 Makayla Carney (WS Christian):

Carney is another that goes under the radar around the state, but she is one that produces consistently on the court. The 5’9 prospect is coming off a season at Dudley in which she averaged 13.2ppg and 12.2rpg. Now attending Winston Salem Christian and part of the 2025 class, Carney is simply a competitive player that loves to compete. She gets it done and can be a force on the boards, while also being an effective weapon offensively. 

2026 Mariah Livingston (Forbush):

We have a youngster on the list, as Livingston is just coming off her freshman season.  But that doesn’t mean that she isn’t one that I would jot down on my watch list and see how she continues to develop.  Livingston is coming off a freshman season in which she helped do the dirty work, remain active and create second-chance opportunities, but also make plays when available.  She averaged 4.2ppg but was a big presence on the boards, averaging 12.0rpg.  As she continues to develop her game and feel, it will be interesting to see how much of a bigger presence she will be on the court.

2024 Gracynn Gough (Charlotte Catholic):

This is a player that I’m very high on, and every single time I have watched her play, she has been helping lead the charge and plays with such toughness.  Gough though simply understands how to go to work, be effective, and fill it up on the court. Really like her energy and how tough she is in finishing around the basket, as well as how strong she can be in rebounding or getting to the line.  She moves well without the ball, has a great feel for the game, and can be an absolute force when need be.