Lathan Sommerville
Twitter: @LathanSommervi2
Height: 6’10, 240
Class of 2024
School: Richwood High School

Summerville was a man among boys and displayed incredible talent. He flexes his dominant inside post play to wow us with his strength to overpower everyone and impose his will, getting easy buckets and gobbling up boards and putbacks. Old school style. But then he dazzled us with long-range shooting ability with a nice touch. Also established his defensive swagger as a fierce rim protector and even defending on the perimeter.' There is no doubt why he was highly sought after and committed to Rutgers ahead of his senior. This site has all the tools you’d expect to excel anywhere and more. No sleeping on this young star.

AJ Brooks
Twitter: @brooksal252
Height: 6’6
Class of 2025
School: Handsberry College Prep'

Brooks was an electrifying athlete and was relentless on both ends of the court. He was in beast mode all day and never took a possession off. He displayed a nice triple-threat scoring ability. He was a monster on the boards while playing scrappy tenacious defense. He made a ton of steals and then forced as many turnovers as possible when he didn’t personally make the steal. This gem was everywhere. On multiple occasions, AJ turned defense into offense and some fierce dunks and talk about a rim protector. He used his length and athleticism as a weapon to impose his will.  Leading his team to the championship game he was in the conversation for MVP. Easy to see why all the buzz around this versatile young star. He will make a lot of noise this season and will be a huge force to be reckoned with. Get on board this train as it continues to pick up steam.

Santana Flowers
Twitter: @Tanaaa2x
Height: 6’6
Class of 2024
School: Bloom High School

Flowers was yet another explosive talent on this loaded venue. His high-flying act was dazzling. He ran the court, got in the gaps and had follow up jams that were pure rim rockers. Santana proved he was going to be a standout with high energy and passion to impact every play somehow. Santana shot the ball well on all three levels and was a beast on the boards. Delivered some nice passes. Santana was a tenacious defender. Santana played with a high IQ and made the right play every time he had the ball in his hands. Santana was poised and disciplined. He too was in the MVP conversation. Santana is a match-up nightmare with all that speed and skill set. Kid came to play and should carry this moment right into the season.

Angelo Ciaravino
Twitter: @AngeloCiaravino
Height: 6’6
Class of 2024
School: Mt. Carmel High School and Northwestern University commit

Ciaravino was Mr. Clutch. This gem here had the whole gym buzzing with some big-time plays on both ends. The versatile and athletic wing has crazy speed and athleticism. Sweet shot on all three levels and strong finishing through contact. Made jaw-dropping passes. Angelo impacted every game and played better and better as the day went on. Big play after big play in the tight games, Angelo rose to the occasion. If a defensive stop was needed, Angelo was there including a run-down block to keep his team alive. That one was ruthless! If a big shot was needed, Angelo called for the ball to be that guy. Even making game-defying passes down the stretch. And his high fly act was dazzling.' This stud can get up there. Young star is special and now I know why they are hyped about getting him at Northwestern.

Donte Montgomery
Twitter: @Donte_M25
Height: 6’2
Class of 2025
School: Oak Lawn High School

Montgomery was the fiercest and scrappiest and most relentless player not in the MVP talks. This gem was another high-motor performer that was everywhere. Gobbled up as many boards as any big and shot the cover off the ball once he heated up. A heady combo guard that can and will mix it up with anyone. Donte delivered some sweet dimes. Watched him rim run again and again. No one outworked Donte. He gave up nothing while getting into passing lanes well.  Coaches, this blue collar kid is locked and loaded and if you haven't seen him, you’re missing out.