By: Kevin Moses

Player: Tyler Jones
Twitter: @tylerjones116
Height: 6’2, 155
Class of 2026
School: Spring Mills High School

Jones is a nice combo guard that can catch fire in a flash. I’d say Tyler is a triple-threat scoring machine. Defenders aren’t safe when Tyler has the ball anywhere on the court as he can flat-out shoot that rock. Pick your poison as a defender but Tyler is more than just a scorer as he is a very nice passer and reads the defense very well, hitting open teammates with dazzling passes. Always looking to make teammates better and get the easiest shot. With the drive and passion to win, Tyler is a solid leader out there and will find multiple ways to impact the game. Defensively rock solid as well and pushes himself to be a lockdown defender not just an offensive threat. Tyler averaged 18.6 points, 5 assists, and 4 rebounds per game and was incredible during the Under Armour run to the finals in Atlanta. His favorite accomplishment was scoring 17 points against the Atlanta Expressions in that venue. Tyler is simply a fierce competitor who enjoys the battle and the big stage'a prime-time performer. Tyler’s biggest improvement has been his defense and he is driven to keep elevating that defense to lock down elite guards, no matter who they are or where they are from.

Player: Gavin Carter
Twitter: @gavincarter2024
Height: 6’2, 162
Class of 2024
School: Chaparral High School

Carter is lightning fast off the bounce. Crafty and creative as the engine that makes this offense go. Gavin has some of the tightest handles in the business with a wicked floater that’s nearly unguardable because he can also shoot the three defenders must respect him all over the floor. Gavin kills defenders with his blow-by-speed to free himself up to get that floater. With amazing court vision and a high offensive IQ, Gavin thrives in making the right playmaking decisions for his team. Gavin excels at playing hard-nosed defense. In the AAU session, Gavin averaged 16 points and 5 assists per game. Gavin’s biggest improvement was elevating his strength, speed, and jumping ability. The hard work paid to play hard went off and now he has increased his vertical.

Player: Shyam Patel
Twitter: @shyampatel2025
Height: 6’4, 165
Class of 2025
School: Stephen F. Austin High School

Patel is a triple-threat scoring option with a high percentage clip from deep established by his receiving the best 3-point shooter award during the AAU session. Shyam thrives as a facilitator who can destroy the defense in multiple ways. Not only is Shyam lethal from deep, but he is also explosive off the bounce with dazzling ball-handling skills and is a fierce finisher at the rim. With an extremely high IQ, Shyam dissects the defense with a person like a surgeon. And because Shyam worked so hard on attacking the lane and finishing at the rim, he is a tough cover and keeps the defense off balance. This skill is the biggest improvement in Shyam’s game but it doesn’t end there with this young star. Shyam prides himself on being a defensive stud in his own. A shot-blocking machine with incredible timing. Shyam possesses the speed to guard multiple positions including quick guards. That length and speed are a nice advantage to have. Taking it up another level, Shyam wipes the boards clean like Windex. His energy and hustle are undeniable, a true game changer. In the AAU session, Shyam averaged 22pts, 10rebs, 5asts, 3stls, and 4blks a game. The numbers don’t lie. This hidden gem is special and has continued to develop and improve in every element of the game.

Player: Champion Hayden
Twitter: @Champhayden23
Height: 6’2, 180
Class of 2024
School: North Hills Christian School

Hayden is one of the scrappiest studs in this class from anywhere in this country. Champ can light up the scoreboard but loved to dish that rock. A strong triple-threat scoring option and that relentless defense is what truly makes him special. Fierce and tenacious on both ends, his high energy is nonstop. That fire to win is intense. Champion not only welcomes physical play but thrives in it. Last season, Champ averaged 22pts, 11rebs, and 2stl. This final run is going to be even stronger. Champ’s goal for the upcoming season is to make his teammates better while piling up wins. This stud is hungry for high wins and wants to feed that dog in him. The state championship run is in view. Champion can defend multiple positions. He will be a steal and instant impact.