By: Kenny Orr

These players stood out to this scout at Phenom Summer Havoc for their uncanny ability to score the basketball. They each had not one, two, or three games of production, they did it every game they played in. No one-hit wonders here. These guys are WALKING BUCKETS in every sense of the word!!! They are players I definitely want to see again and will keep tabs on.

Yaturi Bolton (6’4” Guard) LowCountry Ballers SC

The kid has major game. Long, Lean and extremely Athletic. Very active on both ends of the court. Offensively he has the total package. Scores at all levels whenever and however he wants. Can let if fly from behind the three-point line. Can easily put the ball on the deck at getting to any spot he wants to. Attacks the basket with uncanny ability to finish at the rim through and over players and is not afraid of no contact. A highlight film waiting to happen. His mid-range game is just as deadly. In transition, you are not stopping this kid. This is all with the ball in his hands. Off ball he will and can knock down all open looks. Not afraid to hit the glass and soar for offensive rebounds. His handles are “sick” this kids knows how to handle the rock. Defensively he is a force to be reckoned with. Strong on ball defender and an even better off ball defender. He reads plays and anticipates on another level. Cleans the glass defensively and will push the rock up the floor. Uses his length and wingspan to be disruptive/cause problems. Make no mistake about it this kid has game. Will be an intriguing prospect as he matures and grows. Paul George comes to mind watching him.

JaQuan Fletcher (5’10” Point Guard) D1 Dynasty Lions

A magician with the basketball. Fast and Athletic. Handles the rock with uncanny ability, a one man press break and a one man fast break. The basketball seems attached to his hip, like it is a yo-yo in his hands. Scores the ball at an alarming rate, a scorers mentality. Smooth jumper with a nice three ball. At his best when he is in attack mode. Will drive to the basket at any and all cost. Not afraid to put his body in harms way on his high flying drives. Fearless is the best word to describe him. Does a good job of facilitating his teams offense. Gets them in plays and out of plays. Passes are pinpoint which leads to easy scores for a high number of assist. When he has to he will take over a game. A terror as a on ball defender, built like a strong safety quick and agile. Rebounds very well for a point guard of his size. When this kid is locked in he is a terror to behold. Major upside. A mini Russell Westbrook.

Jaden Hicklin (6’3” Guard) Next Level SC

Mr. Flash himself. Has the complete game with the body to go with it. A game changer when on the court. Plays the game with a chip on his shoulder like he is trying to prove he is the best on the court. 9 times out of 10 he is. Can score at all three levels with ease and efficiency. Three ball, mid-range and at the basket. Smooth change of pace game gets him wherever he wants. Has the size and athleticism to finish with the big bodies. A tough cover for opposing defenses and opposing defenders. Simply put when he wants the rock he gets the rock and everything else is history. His team plays off him for sure. When not scoring he facilitates the offense setting the tables for others to eat. He imposes his will when on the court. Rebounds well always looking to get into transition for easy scores. As time goes by this guy is going to be on a lot of recruiting boards/list. Remember this name for sure. His game reminds you of Jimmy Butler…….Game and Demeanor.

Xavier Madison (6’2” Guard) Verticle Thunder

This young man has a unique ability to score the basketball in a variety of ways. Has that Mamba Mentality. A walking bucket. He can score from anywhere on the court. A definite game-changer, a playmaker and a finisher. Scores when needed, in crunch time, pressure situations you name it. Checks every box you can think offensively. Three ball, Midrange, Pull-ups, Off Dribble, Off Screens, Spotted Up, Off the Catch, At The Basket, In Transition, Over and Around Defenders, Offensive Rebounds……………all checks in every category. Put the ball in his hands and he will give you results. The guy just makes plays. Does all this within the bases of a very intricate offense. When not scoring he facilitated that detail-oriented offense with precision. Strong ball-handler to say the least. Makes minimal mistakes. If and when he does make a mistake best believe he will make up for it. With his ability to score at an alarming rate he is a prospect that I definitely will want to see again. Plays like a young James Harden

Carson Shirley (5’11” Point Guard) CCH Select

Smooth crafty lead guard. This kid can score with the best in the business. He shoots the basketball with confidence and efficiency. A high volume scorer. Rallies of point in bunches and with ease. There is not a shoot he can’t and won’t take. Thrives in pressure situations making the right play either scoring or setting up a teammate. Can score at all levels, especially with the deep ball. Deadly shooter when open. When off ball he is a hard cover because he moves so well without the ball. Given space and opportunity when he shoots it always seems likes it going in. Mechanically sound fundamentals on his shot. Creates off the dribble for intermediate jumpers and easy scores. Reminds me of a young Steph Curry, same build same frame. Carries a lot on his frame and his game. This kid will make a name for himself for sure. Does not get the respect he rightfully deserves………..that will definitely come, mark my words.

Jerec Thompson (5’11” Guard) Mid State Magic Sports 15u

A walking bucket in every sense of the word. Unlimited range is an understatement. This kid is a shooter and a scorer all rolled up in one. When he walks in the gym he is on and has the green light. One of the deadliest shooters I witnessed. He can score on ball and off ball. Can score with open looks or off screens in a catch and shoot situation. Picture perfect form, it’s like the shot doctor made a model and this kid is it. His confidence is out of this world he knows if he lets it fly then it has a great chance of going in. Never forces a shot or takes a bad shot he seems to always take a balanced well-advised shot. His three-ball game is money in the bank. Watching this kid play reminds you of elite shooters……deadly, clutch and fearless. He gets better in clutch situations and when his team needs it. Not a ball hog by no means, willing to pass the ball and facilitate the offense but when needed he is on GO. Will get in his bag and the rest is history. What’s impressive is he is only 15. Steve Nash with a touch of Jason Williams defines his game.

Phenom Scout,