Southwest Guilford

It is often considered rarified territory to catch brothers on the same team, and this Southwest Guilford team has a trio. Led by the eldest, 6'1 Kameron Langley (2017), it's no surprise that they only surrendered three total losses last season. Kameron is certainly the most polished offensively among the three, but defensively is where he makes his money. All three of these boys are absolute lockdown defenders, both in the full and half court sets, causing havoc followed by turnovers nearly every possession. The high motor on both ends also stood out; it's easy to get blown away by their activeness on defense. However, when these three share the floor expect the opposition to have a difficult time on both ends; they have no preference in who scores. If Kameron were a few inches taller, he'd be one of the top prospects in his entire class, not just one of the top in North Carolina.


Very similar to their older brother, twins 6'1 Kobe Langley (2019) and 6'0 Keyshaun Langley (2019) have proven themselves on both ends. These two are matured beyond their age, displaying scoring touch from all three levels and really forcing opposing offenses into bad decisions. The high basketball IQ all three possess combined with the top class athleticism makes the Langley brothers highly sought out prospects for any intelligent college program.

Aside from the brothers 6'5 Cooper Cunningham (2018) easily stood out as an intriguing prospect from the start. He's a little undersize given he plays as a stretch big in a heavy majority of lineups. However, he's got three-point range that is especially deadly if he gets it off clean. Can play either big spot, albeit he still needs to grow into that center position. He rebounds well for his position (especially well if you consider his height against other bigs) but is really useful as a floor spacer, it allows him to create for his teammates without a thought. Knows when to take the shot and when to pass it up, didn't take a bad shot while on my court.



6'1 AJ Davis (2017) was a guy that put up a load of points in a short amount of time. I was impressed with the scoring chops Davis had, especially when his team was down and in desperate need for points. He's a legitimate three level scorer and does his offensive work silently. He's a quiet scorer in the sense that you'd expect him to score plenty but will surprise you when he's got twenty with five minutes left. Davis also possess great length for his frame; combine that with his quick hands on defense and you've got the makings of a great all-around player.

This was the second event that I saw 6'2 Dezmond Woods (2019) play in, and they were like polar opposites. He played exceptionally well in both events, but with such a different approach. In the David Rose MDC he was scoring from everywhere, mostly driving, but taking (and making) a healthy amount of jumpers. Meanwhile, in the HS Summer Jam Fest he didn't mind getting his hands dirty hitting the glass and working his tail off to draw foul after foul. For a guard, his rebounding (especially offensive) is on another planet compared to most players. Woods always looks to push the ball out in transition; with his combination of strength, speed, and quickness he's one of the most difficult players to stay in front of. Last time I wrote on him, I was reminded of a very Russell Westbrook type of player and nothing has changed in that regard for Woods.



There is always going to be a need for size, regardless of how much three-point shooting makes its way into basketball. Players like 6'10 Justyn Hamilton (2017) are going to be coveted by many teams. Hamilton's combination of size and quickness was unmatched by any player in the tournament. He forces so many altered shots with his presence looming, nobody wants to try finishing against him. His size, rebounding, and shot blocking ability are all elite aspects of his game. Offensively, he scores off of offensive rebounds a ton, he just has an incredible nose for the ball. His jump shot and post moves aren't quite as developed as the rest of his game. Adding to his frame will only benefit Hamilton in the long run, as I think he is going to be a defensive force for years to come.

Two-way players are never going to be a forgotten breed in basketball, 6'3 Matthew Statile (2017) should be climbing lists for his terrific play. While not the most athletic guy, Statile has made himself a great defender through great footwork and positioning. Offensively, the guy can flat out score on all three levels with ease. His jumper looks terrific, especially off the catch; the craftiness in Statile's game really opens up the more he touches the ball. He's a noticeably high IQ player on both ends, providing sharp-witted defense to go with a strong variety of offensive moves. It would be difficult to imagine Statile not playing college ball.

One of the absolute quickest, shiftiest guards in the tournament was 5'11 Chea Johnson (2017). There was a killer first step that opposing defenses tried to avoid, because once Johnson got that first step the defense was in chaos trying to adjust. Very rarely do I notice one specific move over another, but his hesitation dribble was beautiful, forcing defenders to commit and allowing him to go where he pleased. Johnson was not just a ball handler, but an incredible scorer on all three levels too. Defensively, he had great instincts and feel, playing the passing lanes (and piling up steals) without sacrificing his positioning. Johnson played with a super high motor throughout and I wouldn't be surprised to see him get picked up in the coming months.


Calvary Baptist

6'5 Brendan Palmer (2018)

6'1 Jackson Gammons (2019)

5'11 Jordan Twyman (2018)


East Chapel Hill

6'2 Carter Collins (2017)

6'9 Clay Watkins (2017)


Forest Trail Academy

6'8 Joel Ntambwe (2018)

6'6 Deng Kongdok (2017)

6'6 Ibrahim Dodo (2018)

6'10 Mark Ostrander (2017)



6'2 Marque Maultsby (2018)

6'5 Kenyon Burt (2018)

6'5 Alex Reed (2017)



6'0 Patrick Dorsey (2017)

5'11 Jabari Brown (2018)

5'10 Noah Watkins (2018)

6'1 Jordan Whitfield (2017)


United Faith Christian

5'11 Jalen Knight (2017)

6'8 KC Hankton (2018)

6'6 Brett Swilling (2018)


Lincoln Charter

6'0 Kody Shubert (2018)