6’6” 2020 Dillon Jones
Keenan High School (Columbia, SC)

Jones is such a unique prospect. He has the handle and the vision to initiate offense and make plays. He also has the strength and tenacity as an excellent rebounder, both in and out of his area. He scored the ball well, both on the block and from the wing. Already carrying offers from USC-Upstate, Presbyterian, SC State and College of Charleston, he picked up an offer from South Carolina a couple weeks ago. It looks like his recruitment will continue to trend up from that LM level.



6’10” 2020 Patrick Iriel
AC Flora High School (Columbia, SC)

Iriel really had a coming out party here. Already one who was on the rise, he solidified himself as a bona fide prospect. He is a very good rebounder with ability on the block. He has good feet, soft hands and ability over both shoulders. He is a good vertical athlete and plays with a great motor. Carrying a USC-Upstate offer, look for many more to come as he continues to climb levels.



6’5” 2020 Quentin Hodge
Lakewood High School (Sumter, SC)

We took a little bit of grief for ranking him 3rd in SCs 2020 class far before anyone else. He did nothing in this camp but put those people on notice Phenom Hoops was just ahead of the curve here. The explosively athletic wing, has break down handle from the wing and range on his jump shot. Lakewood will be his team this year, look for him to respond (which will take his game to another level). He carries Mercer and Florida Gulf Coast offers, that list should elongate soon.



5’11” 2019 Crosby James
Ridge View High School (Columbia, SC)

No clue why this one doesn’t have regional D1s fawning all over him. The tough minded, 2-way lead guard just goes out and makes plays on both ends. Speaking to his toughness, after spraining his ankle in the first game here, he came back in game two for 30 points on 7 made 3s. He has a tough handle, he shoots the ball with range, he has court vision and defends the point of attack. Again, regional D1s, don’t miss out here.



6’7” 2019 CJ Felder
Sumter High School (Sumter, SC)

Felder is the reigning Mr. Top 80 award winner, and he made a push at the award again this year. Felder should be thought of as a Top 150 prospect, as he is close to wedging his way into the Top 100. He is incredibly strong and explosive, with great length. He has high level defensive upside, with the ability to guard multiple positions. His recruitment is right there at the MM+/HM border and it will be interesting to see how the season plays out for him.



6’8” 2020 Javon Benson
Ridge View High School (Columbia, SC)

Benson is just scratching the surface. Blessed with strength, length and incredible explosion Benson is like a plot of clay right now, ready to be molded. He tries to dunk everything around the basket. He is a good rebounder and good post defender/shot blocker. Benson showed pick and pop touch out to range. So much to like, so much upside. South Carolina State and USC-Upstate came in to offer last week, expect that trend to continue.



6’7” 2019 Nate Dunlop
Augusta Christian (Augusta, Ga)

There is not much more Dunlop can do. He dominated the SC Phenom 150 camp two weeks ago averaging 33 points per game. He came in this week and did the same putting up 25 per game. He showed breakdown ability off the bounce, explosion at the rim to dunk in traffic and his patented deep (deep, deep) range. Dunlop is as sure fire of a D1 prospect you can find as Navy is his lone offer. With close to 40 schools watching on Sunday, know that EVERY D2 in the building was questioning (like we are) how he doesn’t have 10+ D1 offer and salivating at trying to wrap him up early.