We at Phenom Hoop Report have the chance to watch a lot of young and talented prospects at an early age and every once and a while, we come across a player that just gets “it” early on.

That is exactly what we saw in 2021 guard Carter Whitt nearly 3-4 years ago when he stepped on the court.

Whitt has shown he understands the game of basketball and understands his unique skill set at the point guard position.  He always plays hard, he makes the right decisions in the open floor and has shown that he can produce on both ends of the floor.

It was only a matter of time before high-major D1 schools would be coming his way and that is exactly what they have done to kick off his spring and summer tour.

Whitt has been racking up offers left and right as of late with more to come, as he now holds offers from NC State, Virginia, Ole Miss, Boston College, Florida, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest.  Schools like Xavier, Notre Dame, Purdue, Maryland, and North Carolina have also expressed interest his way.

To start his spring off, Florida and Boston College offered and Whitt informed Phenom Hoops that he was highly excited they decided to send an offer his way.

“Both of them have been talking to my coaches before the Live period but I am really excited now that they have offered,” Whitt said.  “I like how both of the schools use their guards and I think they both fit me pretty well.”

Shortly after that, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest joined in on the action.

The hard work that this young but talented guard has put in over the years is really paying off and he isn’t done yet.  Speaking with Leesville Road head coach Russ Frazier, Carter has worked very hard to where he is today.

“Carter has worked hard to get into great shape, being more aggressive on the offensive end, becoming a better shooter, better athlete and most importantly, proving he is the alpha leader you want with the ball in his hands,” Frazier told Phenom.  “Just being competitive every second between the lines.  He has such a great personality and it translates on the floor and he continues to learn how to use it to make his teammates better.”

“Each school has great coaching staffs and have all be first class the entire time,” he continued discussing the schools that have offered Whitt already.  “I have been very impressed with the effort and approach by each.  Carter is a great young man, and he is excited and humbled by all of this.  It is a fun time but he understands there is a lot of work to be done.”

So far, programs have mentioned that they love Whitt’s pace of play, his ability to make his teammates better, the way he holds himself on and off the court, and his ability to finish.

All of those traits he has carried with him throughout the years of hard work and as we mentioned above, it was only a matter of time for him.

Well now… that time has come and Whitt will be one of the heavily targeted point guards in North Carolina and around the country.