It probably goes without saying, but North Carolina is constantly churning out national-level prospects. Just in the last three years, there have been over a dozen players to get ranked within the top 150 of the major media outlets (247, On3, Rivals, ESPN), and it’s a trend that will only continue until history dictates otherwise. The Class of 2024 is enjoying a lot of attention with roughly ten guys currently ranked by the aforementioned outlets. Over a handful of players from North Carolina’s Class of 2025 have already made these notable lists, but could Trent Steinour be next?

Although it might feel like we are continually reiterating the same point, it has to be mentioned that big men develop slower than the vast majority of prospects. This is particularly encouraging for someone like Steinour, whose trajectory and general progression is ahead of others at this stage. Between his size, fluidity, and natural feel, it was easy to see the appeal at an early age. However, his increased strength, toughness, aggression, and athleticism has allowed his identity to legitimately blossom on both ends of the floor. He anchors the paint defensively, competes for every rebound, and knows how to assert himself as a scoring threat. Steinour is comfortable making moves on the block, spacing the floor, and navigating the two-man game as a screener. He also does a terrific job of running hard and properly filling the lane in transition.

This season, Steinour is averaging 13.9 PPG, 8.9 RPG, and 3.2 BPG for a strong Lake Norman (12-1) squad. His low-maintenance identity is extremely enticing, as he’s the type of player with a high floor and plenty of upside remaining. Steinour has already collected a variety of high-level offers, but it feels like his recruitment will only continue to soar over the next calendar year. Don’t be surprised if Steinour begins to turn heads of national outlets over the coming months.