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NORTH CAROLINA – Nationally known Phenom Hoop Report has partnered with the innovative California based Baller TV to provide a ground breaking live stream of each of its events. This partnership will bring wide spread coverage for all student athletes and teams attended Phenom Hoop Report events, as these two national entities merge their immense platforms together. In total, Phenom Hoop Report will offer 45 exposure events in the 2018 calendar year.

Baller TV is at the forefront of the live streaming movement, truly building and streaming a platform that provides the most exposure possible for the teams, programs and student-athletes who are being viewed. Through the Baller TV platform, families are able to watch games live, watch games on replay (uploaded immediately), download individual games to keep or send out and instantly watch the game highlights via YouTube.

Also through the Baller TV platform, College Coaches from across the country can tune into EVERY event that is broadcasted in real time. Even the non-live period events, when college coaches are not allowed to be on the road, they are able to sit at their desk and watch every prospect in attendance at Phenom Hoop Report events. Schools across the country, at every level, will be able to recruit Phenom Hoop Report events, year round…Talk About Exposure!!

Phenom Hoop Report and Baller TV will provide a truly unique feel for events throughout the 2018 calendar year. Each chosen event will have live broadcasts that will give each game a true television type feel. Each of the events and games chosen will be fully equipped with in-game commentators, live sideline report/interviews and end of game media rooms for coaches and players. Every event chosen will be given a true college or NBA feel with the coverage provided.

Already an industry leader in providing exposure for each team and player who comes through its events, Phenom Hoop Report is excited to add this game changing platform for its events. Phenom Hoop Report has been beefing up its mass communications team, bringing in very talented people to put on the air and help produce these broadcasts.

This live stream will debut with the prestigious North Carolina Top 80, which is the region’s premier exposure event putting North Carolina’s top players under one roof to compete with and against one another. In a completely professional environment, the region’s most prestigious event will add an entirely new dynamic further separating the event from its peers. This event, like the selected camps, travel ball events and high school showcases following, will be sent out and broadcast to coaches, families and basketball junkies across country.

We are all excited about being able to provide this incredible platform of exposure to each of these teams, programs and student-athletes. Stay Tuned

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