2024 Desmond Kent (NC Vikings): What a year or so it has been for Kent, and Phenom Hoops is just waiting for everyone else to catch on!  Kent has really seen his game evolve and it seems like he continues to show how dynamic he can be. His ability to score continues to improve but also shine, along with his confidence.  Kent is a matchup nightmare at his length and is showing he can be used in so many ways.  This is why we believe schools should be all over this young man, sooner rather than later.

2024 Grant Hamilton (Big Dub): Hamilton had a strong summer and coming into the fall league, he is going to be one of the clear leaders for his team.  He showed that to start the league, while his teammates also chipped in a big way. Hamilton though continues to shine as one of the top shooters in the state and one that can simply change the game with his IQ, his shot-making, and his ability to fill it up.

2025 Trent Steinour (Dive On It): Lake Norman has plenty of talent on the roster, but Steinour is a proven difference-maker for his team.  His size, athleticism, and upside in his game can certainly be seen, but he is really showing his overall impact down low. Strong finisher, being more demanding, moving and operating well, finishing at the rim, and being strong on the boards.  Steinour should have yet another big season and he showed that to start the fall league.

2024 Tyler Showalter (Bulldogs): Showalter is another player who deserves more attention, and he reminded everyone more about his game and leadership for this team this upcoming season. He has the size that you love at 6’6 but also his versatility. He can score in a variety of ways, knock down shots over defenders, make plays off the bounce for himself, and be a presence on the boards.  Fully expect him to continue this “breakout” season, as he has a chance to put up strong numbers for this team.

2024 Zion Walker (Team Push): It was great to see this team overall and the pieces they have to offer, and Walker returns for yet another chance to walk away as a champion.  Walker shines as a leader and go-to player for this team, but showed he can bring balance and allow others to get going as well as step up and create opportunities for himself.  With his experience and focus, Walker is hoping to finish up his high school career with yet another ring.