We kicked off a great event down in Fayetteville, as Goldsboro and St. Pauls squared off the start.  Goldsboro came out strong, led by their leader in 2024 Amari Latham to grab an early lead early in the first but St. Pauls was able to battle back and tie the game in the second quarter.  2026 Tyson Thompson was the go-to guy for St. Pauls, being a physical being down low in the paint and finishing with touch.  But Latham and the others started to get going late in the second, allowing them to hold a 27-22 halftime lead.

Goldsboro was able to really make things hard for St. Pauls to get in a rhythm, limiting them to only five points in the third quarter, eventually taking what was a five-point game and they took a 46-27 lead at the end of the third quarter. With the game in hand, Goldsboro was able to walk away with a 67-50 victory.

Final: Goldsboro 67 St. Pauls 50

Goldsboro: Amari Latham 29pts, 5rebs, 6stls/ Andre Williams 9pst, 7rebs, 6asts/ Nyrese Williams 8pts, 4rebs, 4stls

Pauls: Tyson Thompson 19pts, 8rebs, 3blks/ Jamir McMillan 6pts, 6rebs, 2asts, 3stls