Few matchups brought the anticipation and excitement of Hillcrest Prep facing off against Word of God in the championship at the John Wall Holiday Invitational. Both teams are absolutely overflowing with talent but one could legitimately argue that Hillcrest has as much as any team in the country. Word of God had their work cut out but came out of the gate ready to compete and went toe-to-toe with the opposition for most of the first half. The major difference between these two in the first half? Word of God going 0-for-6 from the line while Hillcrest Prep went 9-for-11. Hillcrest Prep entered the break with a 31-22 lead over Word of God. 

Both teams came to play in the second half but Hillcrest Prep hung tough, even despite a late-game surge from Word of God, leading to a 67-63 victory for Hillcrest. The trio of Mike Foster (23 points and 7 rebounds), Makur Maker (19 points and 9 rebounds), and Puff Johnson (11 points and 4 rebounds) led the way for Hillcrest Prep while Po’Boigh King (22 points), Chase Forte (16 points and 7 rebounds), and Isaiah Todd (13 points and 9 rebounds) carried the load for Word of God.