Western Guilford HS

Court 1 Standouts

Jayvon Mercer, 6’5 2021 F with WCBA 15u – Kid has good size and strength for this age group and complements this with an active motor. Very active on the glass and works best when on the attack. Like a lot of young bigs his offense needs to be more consistent and can be seen as a work in progress, but we can see skill there that’s waiting to break out as he gives you just enough for you to know it’s there. WCBA has done a great job over the years of taking kids like this and developing them for the next level. Don’t be shocked if this kid follows the same model.

Tachai Miller, 5’7 2021 G with Charlotte Nets 15u – Back to back strong showings for this tough G prospect. Not the biggest kid in the gym when he plays but is one of the toughest. Kid is all attack all the time. We hear he has a pretty jumper to him but he does not show it too often as we have not seen it the last 2 weekends. A pull up game would make him even more dangerous as teams already know he loves to drive. Nice PG skills here as he should have had several assists if his guys would have finished for him. Size may hold him back some but there is a lot of fight in this kid. Don’t sleep on him.

Freddie Dilione, 6’3 2022 G with CP3 14u – Very nice looking young guard prospect for the 2022 class. Kid runs the floor very well, has a good frame for his age that suggests it will be easy to add strength to, and a surprisingly smooth game for his age. Already has the length you want for the wing and he’s only going to get bigger and stronger over the next few years. Already shows signs of being a top level prospect but is still a work in progress. Still, easily in top part of prospect pool at his age group. If he continues to work on his game and focus on getting better the sky could be the limit here.

Kadyn Dawkins, 5’5 2021 G with Team Cobra 15u – We have seen several smaller guards go eat so far this weekend and Dawkins was one of them. While Miller got it done off the drive, Dawkins got it going with the jumper knocking down several 3’s versus CP3. May not have the size you look for but kid can score and has an easy stroke that he can get off quickly. Smart player on offense, uses patience to bring the contact to him when needed while also having the toughness to go through it if needed. Size is a definite issue here but as long as he is able to get that jumper off he will be fine. Huge offensive game versus a big time AAU program.

Logan Higgins, 6’4 2021 W with Team Loaded 704 15u – Love glue guys like this! Kid just went out and made plays for his team in every phase of the game. Scores when needed, rebounds his position well, and passes really well in the half court to set up others. Nothing in his game jumps out at you as a calling card but he does everything well enough that it makes up for what he’s not. Better player than you think here and is the kind of versatile length coaches crave.

Ziair Parker, 6’4 2021 F with Team Loaded 704 15u – Kid is a flat out beast on the glass. When he goes up to get a board its like a man going up against boys. Great strength/size combo for his age and a real nose for reading the ball off the glass. The problem is that he has no offensive game at this point to speak of. We watched him miss several point blank looks under the glass that he is going to have to connect to reach his potential as a prospect. He has the skill set to be a double/double player without having anything run for him just by being a garbage man inside. But until he can finish consistently his stock will not get to where we know it can be.