Last week, Phenom Hoops traveled out to Bishop McGuinness in Kernersville, North Carolina for the NC Spartans’ media day. The practice featured their five 17U squads, which allowed us to see the differences in style and roster construction between each team. We’ve seen this program put kids in college on a yearly basis, yet this might honestly be their most talented group from top to bottom. It’s a surefire guarantee that college coaches will be pursuing players across these five teams (Liles, Pittman, Patton, Lindell, and Bell), so let’s take a closer look at their individual makeups—moving on to Alex Bell’s group of unsigned seniors.

6’7 Tee Harris (East Rowan)

Despite not being in attendance, we have a large enough sample size of Teyachta Harris to know that he’ll be a massive leader for this group. His blend of size, skill, and athleticism immediately makes him a matchup problem for most types of opponents. Harris is a versatile forward with ball skills and the ability to be featured in various different ways. He’s going to inevitably become a priority for next-level programs. 

6’1 Isaiah Ramazani (High Point Christian)

Given his status as a returning leader, Isaiah Ramazani should be as valuable to this group as anyone. He’s a long, wiry, well-rounded guard prospect with a high motor and quality feel for the game on both ends of the floor. Ramazani is able to initiate the offense, set up others, and consistently apply efficient scoring pressure from all three levels. He’s an active defender who rebounds well for his size and pushes transition play whenever possible. Ramazani is a smart, unselfish, team-first guy who should have various schools in pursuit. 

6’2 Adam Harvey (Chatham Charter)

Between his production and constant team success over the years, it’s surprising that Adam Harvey doesn’t have more action within his recruitment. He’s a wiry wing prospect with length, toughness, and the ability to apply phenomenal scoring pressure from anywhere inside the arc. Harvey can reliably pass, handle, and score the ball while making a consistent impact as a defender and rebounder. Harvey can also knock down three-pointers, but his well-rounded game allows him to take what the defense gives him and alter his approach based on matchup or opponent. 

6’2 Aamir Mapp (Chatham Charter)

Similar to his teammate above, Aamir Mapp is a guy who should simply have more opportunities to play in college. At 6-foot-2, he’s a tough, fairly well-rounded utility guy with an understanding of how to naturally affect all facets of the game. Mapp possesses a strong frame with great length, scoring ability, a high motor, and a clear willingness to make hustle plays or do the dirty work. He plays bigger than his height would imply, both as a defender and rebounder, and plays very well through contact on both ends of the floor. Mapp’s ability to do a healthy amount of everything should make him a key piece for this group. 

6’3 Parker Allen (Shining Light)

Given his sheer three-point volume with the Knights, one should expect Parker Allen to be among the main shooting threats on this roster. He’s a scrappy defender, capable cutter, and useful spot-up threat with an understanding of how to complement others in the team structure. Allen is capable of attacking closeouts, making the extra pass, and making hustle plays, but will also warrant plenty of respect as a spot-up option. 

6’5 Enzo Geremski (Forsyth Country Day)

Every team needs a guy like Enzo Geremski, someone who will consistently do the little things and embrace whatever role is given to him. He’s tough, scrappy, and possesses the necessary size and defensive prowess to cause a lot of problems for opponents. Geremski finishes well and can knock down jumpers if necessary, but his value is often seen through his motor and presence as a defender and rebounder. He makes hustle plays, defends multiple positions, and simply stands out as a low-maintenance piece in every possible setting. 

6’3 Jake Schneider (Shining Light)

Between his perimeter shooting and abilities as a playmaker, Jake Schneider should be a quality cog for this squad. He’s a capable spot-up threat from beyond the arc, but is arguably better when tasked when creating and setting up others. Schneider takes care of the ball, provides consistent effort on defense, and doesn’t shy away from contact around the basket. 

6’2 O’Shae Fernanders (East Forsyth)

Given all the flashes we’ve seen over the years, there’s still a lot of reason to be excited about O’Shae Fernanders and his appeal as a college-level prospect. He’s a quality athlete with size, creation skills, and scoring ability. Fernanders can effectively play with or without the ball in his hands and understands how to apply pressure in transition as well as the half-court structure. 

6’5 Zeph Jones (Bull City Prep)

This group has a variety of useful pieces, which certainly includes Zeph Jones and everything he brings to the table. He’s a big, strong-bodied forward prospect with excellent three-point shooting and solid capabilities as an interior piece. Jones spaces the floor at a nice percentage, but can also utilize his size, strength, and motor to make his presence felt on the glass. He’s a willing passer and engaged defender. Jones can play multiple roles based on matchup. 

6’0 Brock McKnight (Alleghany)

Rounding out this group, Brock McKnight is an extremely lethal three-point shooter with the ability to produce from either backcourt position. He’s a reliable initiator and spot-up threat with a steady presence on both ends of the floor. McKnight displays quickness, useful vision, and an understanding of how to find opportunities within the flow of the action. He also offers nice strength and defensive prowess.