It has been great to watch so many players flourish with teams this year, including several familiar names. Throwing out records at times, it is great to give acknowledgment to players who have been having a strong season, especially as they have grown and been able to flourish with different teams.

Though the Hoyas at Georgetown might not have the record they like this season, you have to give credit when it is due, and Jayden Epps and Dontrez Styles have been a strong duo helping lead the charge this season.

Jayden Epps: 33.6mpg, 18.3ppg, 2.2rpg, 4.4apg
Dontrez Styles: 33.6mpg, 13.1ppg, 5.9rpg

Coming out of high school, Epps was a prolific scorer, and one could see that early on at Illinois, where he quickly made his mark in several games.  He has flourished even more being one of the go-to players this season at Georgetown, putting up impressive numbers for a 6’2 sophomore.  Epps has consistently been a tremendous scoring option for the Hoyas this season and should be a name many should start familiarizing themselves more as you could be hearing more about him in the coming years.

Styles has always had talent and it was on full display here in North Carolina. Ranked as one of the top players in the country and in the state of North Carolina in his class, he is taking advantage of a second opportunity at Georgetown. Averaging just under six minutes per game at UNC and around 2.0ppg in his career, he has now started every game and is averaging 33 minutes, while showing his ability to be an effective scorer from multiple levels and a strong rebounding presence as well.  

Again, throwing out the records, these two players have been able to really flourish in their new roles at Georgetown, and that should only continue into next season for the Hoyas. They have proven to be a very tough duo in the Big East.