Players are often underrated for one reason or another but it’s truly difficult to understand and pinpoint why more people aren’t talking about Shane Peterson. His foundation was built on three-point shooting but has certainly expanded from being a spot-up threat to a well-rounded offensive player. He’s steadily improved, added more to his game, and maintained his status as an exceptional teammate yet still lacks appropriate recruitment. Although Division III programs should be salivating at the idea of stealing Peterson, he has the tools to succeed at the Division II level. 

At our most recent camp featuring Peterson, we wrote: “Moving onto a player that has continually expanded his skillset over the last calendar year, Shane Peterson. He’s a smart, high-motor guard prospect that possesses an absolutely knockdown three-point stroke but has also made noticeable strides as a creator, defender, and all-around scorer. Peterson can reliably operate with or without the ball in his hands and make a strong impact. He moves extremely well without the ball and does a great job of pursuing and securing rebounds on both ends of the floor. Next in his development process is working to become quicker, as it would make him an even tougher penetrating threat. Coach Thomas on Peterson: “Shane has an extremely high motor! He rebounds the ball well on both ends of the floor. He’s well-coached and plays within himself at all times. He’s a great team player. Shane took over in our second game of the day. He’s a leader with toughness as his best skill. He’s a great closeout defender.” Peterson was excellent throughout camp and should have an incredibly productive upcoming season at Western Alamance.”

Since then, Peterson has emerged as a clear leader and focal point for Western Alamance. On the season, he averaged 19 PPG and 4 APG while shooting over 40% from beyond the arc and actively toggling between either backcourt position. Academically, Peterson carries his own weight with a 3.7 GPA and 1200 SAT. He led the Warriors to a 20-7 record, was a Mid State 2A/3A All-Conference selection, Most Outstanding Player Award Winner in Mid State 2A/3A, and named to Times-News First Team All-Region. Peterson has continually proven himself, regardless of stage, setting, or surrounding teammates, which would make him a great prospect for college coaches to pursue while the iron is hot.