Heading back into the state of Virginia, Phenom Hoops was able to catch up with a rising guard in 2024 Damon Thompson Jr from John Marshall HS and Team Loaded.  The point guard has been sidelined for several months now but is now back fully healthy and ready to showcase his game this July.  He has also been adding a few new offers to his list, as we got all the latest. Check out what he had to say with Phenom Hoops.

Getting back on the court/ Game improving

Phenom: How does it feel to get back on the court after injury and get a chance to play this July?
Thompson: It feels great to be back and to be playing this July. While recovering I was able to get stronger as well as continue to work on my craft daily. Other than training and working out, we were focused on playing a lot of basketball to assist in implementing training to transition on the court.

Phenom: What are you hoping to show more about your game and what you can provide on the court?
Thompson: I want to show more of my leadership and I want to show that I can do everything on the court.

Phenom: How do you think your game has improved over the last year? What is your excitement about being with your Team Loaded group this summer?
Thompson: I believe I have improved in all aspects of my game in the past year and I’m very excited with my Team Loaded group because of how close we are and how we are individually. One of our focuses has been on attacking the paint more and shooting more.  I love to get my teammates but just be mindful when they are relying on me to get it done.  I am always working on improving my shooting. But my support team assists with keeping me mindful of all aspects of the game and when it needs to improve.

Recruitment Update:

Phenom: How has your recruitment been going overall in your eyes?
Thompson: My recruitment has been going well and I believe I will get more looks in July.

Phenom: You earned a few offers recently from Mount St. Mary’s and College of Charleston. What did they have to say and what do you like about them early on?
Thompson: After meeting with them (Mount St. Mary’s) during the unofficial visit, it was great being on campus and spending time communicating with the coaches about their style and future outlook. The visit to Mount St. Mary’s was interesting because basketball is the number one focus and priority due to no football team.  College of Charleston was a great visit. Great basketball town, great staff, and it was great speaking with the players regarding their experience.  The coach is full of energy and was transparent about the expectations of their point guards.

Phenom: Have other schools been reaching out and showing interest as well?
Thompson: As of now, it has been quite a few interest inquiries/ offers.  I’m just ready to get back on the court and play. I am pretty sure the offers will continue to pick up. I’m just focused on doing my part and everything else will fall into place.  I’m confident that my play will take care of that aspect of the process.