We’ve seen a lot of players come through our doors over the years, varying in appearance, skill level, and everything in between. We decided to put forth a “Getting to Know” series on some players who have attended events over the past few years but still remain on the lesser-known side of things. Each of these prospects embody being a student-athlete and getting it done in the classroom as well as on the basketball court, and today’s edition will take a closer look at Jordan McPhatter of Butler High School.

We’ve seen McPhatter in all possible settings, including at our last team camp, where we stated, “Sometimes in basketball, there are just certain prospects that are going to be universally liked by everyone, and that describes Jordan McPhatter incredibly well. Folks that don’t absolutely love McPhatter’s approach and skillset do not appreciate the game of basketball. He’s somewhat undersized, but as smart, exciting, and electric as they come. McPhatter is the type of player that will prove doubters wrong, because his effectiveness simply never wavers. He’s a pass-first point guard with elite craftiness and playmaking ability, always looking to manipulate the defense and set up his teammates. McPhatter is a brilliant, highly deceptive passer that sees the entire floor at all times. There isn’t an angle or pass outside of his comfort zone. That being said, McPhatter is more than just a set-up artist, as he can reliably apply scoring pressure from all three levels whenever necessary. He’s the type of high-quality person that a coach should want to lead his team, as he exudes leadership and a winner’s mentality. It’s still early in his recruitment process, but coaches should trust their eye with a talent like McPhatter.”

Though undersized, there should be no questions surrounding McPhatter’s ability to successfully run a team at the next level. His dominance has been going on since middle school. He’s genuinely the type of player that understands and takes pride in making his teammates better. McPhatter is in an elite class of playmakers, but also scores the ball at a reliable rate as needed. Though Patrick Wessler received a ton of attention last season (rightfully so), McPhatter deserves credit for being a perfect point guard for the seven-footer. If he were six-foot, McPhatter would have a dozen Division I schools battling for his services—he’s that talented. However, scholarship-level schools should still be vying to secure the crafty point guard at the next level throughout the next year, as they’ll get a winner and extremely intelligent floor general.