With the June and July Live Periods on the horizon, there's no better time for teams to compete to gauge their ability against high-level opponents. Our G3 Showcase is slated to feature a heavy mix of independent organizations and shoe-circuit programs'so there should definitely be something for everyone in attendance. The circuit teams nearing their halfway point should ultimately make this event a great litmus test for all involved. There will be a ton of notable individual teams and players on display, and this article will take a closer look at Team Curry 15U…

Guys like 6'1 Cedric Keenan and 5'10 Darnarian Gibson will handle most of the creation responsibilities as lead guards. Keenan continues to make clear strides within his development, and possesses a pretty well-rounded game. He's a comfortable playmaker with toughness and solid feel on both ends of the floor. Meanwhile, Gibson is slightly undersized but displays the necessary feel, craftiness, and playmaking instincts to regularly set up others. He's able to create his own shot as needed. Both guys are capable defenders at the point of attack. 

Given our last viewing, folks should already know about 6'5 Nick Hailey and his status as the clear focal point of this team. Between the IQ, size, shooting, and blossoming all-around identity, he has a legitimate chance to be special. Hailey has consistently shown the ability to burden the offensive load with relative ease. Despite being a new piece, 6'3 Jonah Lawrence should be a seamless addition to this squad. He's a very poised, polished, well-rounded guard with the blend of size and feel to operate in various different roles. Lawrence's scoring/shooting allows him to mesh well with any collection of teammates. 

The wing/forward duo of 6'4 Trajan Thompson and 6'3 Kohi Strickland generate a lot of appeal'both in the immediate and long-term future. Thompson is a lethal three-point shooter who can legitimately excel without the ball in his hands. He displays feel, understands spacing, and possesses quality shooting mechanics. Thompson can also attack closeouts, make the extra pass, and defend his position. On the other hand, Strickland has as much intrigue as anyone on the roster. He's already capable at filling in the gaps on both ends, but has enticing physical tools and should only continue to blossom going forward.

Unlike most teams, they actually have a surplus of developing big men between guys like 6'7 Osvaldo Haynes, 6'7 Wesley White, 6'8 Chris Eagan, and 6'8 Dylan Clark. Haynes is strong, clears out space well, and produces well as a finisher, rebounder, and shot-altering presence. White continues to visibly progress on both ends of the floor, but still has considerable upside remaining. Eagan is long, wiry, and appears comfortable finishing out of the post or knocking down the occasional midrange jumper. Rounding out the roster, Clark is another strong, mobile post prospect who is truly just beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term abilities.