5'11 '25 Cam'ren Reyes (Team Raiders)

Having a reliable, team-oriented floor general has become somewhat of a luxury in the current high school landscape, which is why it's so easy to appreciate everything Reyes brings to the table. His identity is a tough, intelligent point guard with pace, toughness, and excellent balance between scoring and playmaking. Reyes controls the tempo in a very methodical manner, always surveying the floor and looking to set up teammates in scoring positions. He's a capable perimeter shooter but is arguably at his best when getting downhill and attacking the basket'where he's a crafty finisher and strong enough to play through contact. Reyes makes great decisions with the ball in his hands, defends the point of attack really well, and simply knows how to affect all facets of the game as a lead guard. 

6'5 '24 Jamarcus Brown (Team Amore)

It's no secret that Team Amore has been among the better grassroots programs in the area, and Brown is a huge reason why. His status as a strong, athletic wing/forward prospect with great feel and two-way versatility. Brown is a capable shooting threat from beyond the arc, but primarily looks to overwhelm opponents by getting downhill or dominating in the mid/high post. He's quite difficult for opponents in the midrange area because he's able to pull-up immediately, attack the basket, or force the defense to collapse and make proper reads as a playmaker. Brown plays through contact and above the rim, but is more skilled than initially meets the eye. He defends multiple positions, rebounds at a high volume, and consistently sets the tone on both ends of the floor. College coaches would be smart to get involved sooner than later. 

6'5 '25 KJ Younger (Team Hope)

Each of these listed players have very different high school situations, and Younger is in a position to have a breakout season. Although he arrived later during his sophomore season, it was easy to see the impact he brought the moment he stepped on Weddington's campus. He's only continued to progress since then. Younger has obvious appeal as a long, athletic, versatile wing/forward prospect with the ability to operate in various different roles. He's a quality finisher with ball skills and an improving playmaking sense. Younger can create his own shot, work without the ball, and apply offensive pressure in numerous ways. He rebounds his position well and is capable of pushing the break in transition, where he understands when to attack versus when to defer. Younger can also reliably defend multiple positions. Expect his stock to continue trending upward. 

6'1 '24 Isaiah Styron (NC Wildcats Gary)

After seeing him perform countless times throughout the summer season, it's genuinely surprising that Styron hasn't started to collect offers. He's a smart, heady point guard with quickness and a really crafty nature. Styron plays with a touch of flashiness, but it doesn't interfere with his ability to make the right read. He commonly makes the fundamental, routine passes, but has proven to be equally effective when tossing no-looks, behind-the-backs, or whatever creative angle he finds. Furthermore, Styron is a reliable scorer with the ability to effortlessly get to the basket and finish or hit perimeter jumpers at a quality rate. He also has a tendency to probe the paint, survey, and make the appropriate pass or hit pull-ups/turnarounds in the midrange area. He forces turnovers at a solid rate defensively. Though exciting and entertaining, Styron also doubles as a college-level lead guard. 

6'0 '24 Zeke Brock (Blue Diamond Wildcats)

Rounding out this group, Brock is probably as well-known as anyone listed. That being said, he still showcased a lot of useful ability while playing with a loaded roster in the Blue Diamond Wildcats. Brock is known for his gaudy scoring numbers during the previous high school season, but he's more than comfortable at asserting himself as a playmaker alongside other talented pieces. He consistently played with IQ, pace, and a calm demeanor. Brock controlled the action well and created nicely for others, but also did a great job of taking advantage of easy scoring opportunities whenever possible. He possesses vision, deep range, and a tight handle, which allows him to control the offense with relative ease. Brock can effortlessly fill it up as a scorer while creating for others and containing his assignment defensively. Expect more college coaches to get involved over the coming months, as Brock is undoubtedly a next-level prospect.'