6’9 ’26 Cody Peck (CC Elite)

There are plenty of high-upside prospects in the state of North Carolina, and it feels like Peck is deserving of more buzz. His physical appeal is obvious from a mere glance, but his skillset and ability to impact the game should also be turning heads. Peck is a long, fluid big man with an incredible blend of IQ, skill, athleticism, and timing. Despite his lack of strength, Peck is able to control the glass, protect the rim, and do a lot of different things offensively. He can reliably finish around the basket, space the floor from the perimeter, or find opportunities through putbacks or running the floor. Although he’s already progressed a considerable amount, Peck is still brimming with long-term potential. 

6’3 ’26 Ashton Pierce (Team CP3)

Given his status as one of the top freshmen in the state, it should come as no surprise to see Pierce on this list. At 6-foot-3, he’s one of the best shot-making guards you’ll find. Pierce is a useful creator with vision and craftiness, but can also find success without requiring the ball in his hands. He’s a lethal spot-up threat with range and the ability to hit jumpers with a high degree of difficulty. That being said, Pierce is more than capable of attacking closeouts, finishing at the rim, or getting off clean looks within a few dribbles. He’s also a solid athlete, cutter, and playmaker. Expect his offer sheet to continue growing. 

5’11 ’26 Nick Arnold (Team Charlotte)

Although there are a lot of quality pieces within this Team Charlotte roster, Arnold consistently stands out through his ability to set the tone on both ends of the floor. He’s a menacing defender who simply knows how to harass opposing ball-handlers into miscues and errant turnovers. Arnold’s blend of quickness, physicality, and sheer instincts allows him to legitimately mirror opposing ball-handlers until they are ready to crumble. Offensively, he’s able to get wherever he wants on the floor. Arnold possesses a tight handle and sharp vision, which allows him to effortlessly generate looks for himself and others. He also attacks the basket and consistently finishes through contact. 

6’5 ’26 Tarris Bouie (Team Eat)

Given the structure of Team Eat’s roster, this summer has really allowed Bouie to take the next step in his progression. He’s a long, rangy shot-maker who is truly just beginning to harness his upside as a prospect. Bouie is already capable of filling it up from all three levels, highlighting a healthy blend of deep threes, smooth midrange pull-ups, and finishes at the rim. He’s a quality athlete with IQ and toughness. Bouie’s notable shooting allows him to pose a threat with or without the ball in his hands. While he’s already quite impressive, his game should take another step with additional strength. Expect Bouie to have a breakout high school season. 

6’6 ’27 Josh Leonard (Upward Stars)

Though we already took a closer look at his identity yesterday, Leonard is still someone who should appeal to all types of Division I programs. He’s already well-advanced, both in terms of physical tools and basketball ability, and displays a mature, natural leadership presence on the court. Leonard checks all the boxes, yet should only continue to progress over the coming years. It probably goes without saying, but he should be considered one of the top prospects in South Carolina (regardless of class) and will warrant attention from national media outlets sooner than later.