6'3 '25 Devin Sims (The Burlington School)

Although he's commonly known as the most athletic player in the gym, Sims has shown the ability to be much more than a pure leaper. Throughout the fall league, he's carved out a meaningful role as a tough, high-motor piece who does the dirty work and physically overwhelms opponents on both ends of the floor. Sims is the type of player where you can basically throw the ball in his general vicinity and he's able to go get it (often leading to a powerful finish over an unsuspecting defender). However, he's also shown a strong rebounding presence and the ability to capitalize on second-chance opportunities. Sims being able to identify his strengths should make him a valuable cog for the Spartans.  

6'0 '25 Dylan Craven (Combine Regional)

There's something so valuable about having a reliable point guard dictating the action, and Craven has consistently proven himself as one of the most dependable guys around. It all starts with his incredibly high IQ and overall desire to create opportunities for others. Craven possesses a tight, crafty handle with sharp vision and the necessary quickness to consistently break down opponents as a creator. Whether attacking, relocating, or running a set, he's usually thinking multiple steps ahead of others and seeking out the right decision. Craven controls the tempo, contains his assignment defensively, and scores as needed. It's surprising that he hasn't collected more offers.

6'6 '24 Rob Magner (Pine Lake Prep)

Given his production and overall leadership for Pine Lake Prep, various college coaches should be in heavy pursuit of Magner. At 6-foot-6, he's a skilled, inside-out forward with the ability to pass, shoot, and create for himself or others. Whether slotted in the post, midrange, or beyond the arc, Magner is able to be featured (and produce) in a variety of different roles. He managed the two-man game well as a screener, able to roll or pop and cause problems for opponents. Magner passes the ball effectively, battles on the glass, and contains his assignment well defensively. Expect a lot of schools to get involved with his recruitment over the coming months.

6'2 '24 Cinjun Bridges (Marvin Ridge)

It should go without saying, but shooting will always be valued at every level of basketball. That being said, someone like Bridges should be an obvious target for various programs at the next level. He's a wiry, skilled guard prospect with the ability to make an impact with or without the ball in his hands. Bridges is a noted shooting threat, both off the catch and bounce, but is also capable of running the offense and applying pressure from all levels. He's a useful defender and willing rebounder, but knows how to consistently find opportunities as a spot-up threat. Expect him to appeal to college coaches over the upcoming high school season.

6'0 '25 Miles Leaks (Piedmont)

Rounding out this group, Leaks has quietly built a reputation as one of the smartest, steadiest floor generals around. He's a balanced, unselfish point guard with a reliable playmaking sense and efficient scoring arsenal. Between his poise, pace, and general attention to detail, Leaks simply knows how to run a team. He understands how to properly run two-man actions and gets the ball to his teammates in favorable scoring positions. Leaks does a great job of touching the paint, forcing the defense to react/collapse, and making the correct read. He's a quality defender who isn't afraid to sacrifice his body or make hustle plays. Leaks visibly contributes to winning and should be a target for all types of college programs.