This summer, Phenom Hoops brings an opportunity for young players to come and compete at the Phenom ENC Junior 150 in Raleigh, NC and they didn’t disappoint.

Players received training, they competed and started their resume early.

The competition was fantastic and all throughout the day, we will have articles going out of players that caught our eyes.  Check out some of the names that impressed our scouts.

2025 5’2 Drew Johnson (Durham School of the Arts)

  • The vision on this kid is spectacular, as he made incredible passes setting up his teammates all throughout the day. His head was always up and he showed just how unselfish he is on the floor.  But that doesn’t discount his ability to get to the rim and score whenever he wants.

2024 5’11 Peter Moye (Carmel MS)

  • Moye has great size to go along with his game but his ability to rebound the basketball and take it coast-to-coast, or to work within the halfcourt offense caught everyone’s eyes early on at the camp.

2026 4’9 Braylen McRae (Ligon MS)

  • McRae was the lead guard, initiating the offense but also constantly moving and finding the open position on the court. He displayed a lot of toughness getting and attacking the rim.

2026 5’4 Trevor Manhertz (Salem Middle)

  • The younger brother of Trey, Manhertz is tough and a competitor. An absolute motor on him in constant movement.  He was all over the place on both ends of the floor, bringing energy to the floor.  Manhertz was a reliable scorer for his team as well.

2025 5’1 Kendall Lanier (Apex MS)

  • Lanier had his moments offensively, knocking down a few three’s at times and showcasing a nice array of moves with the ball in his hands. But what ultimately caught my eye is his fierce competitiveness on the defensive end.  Lanier was on the ball at all times, making it tough for any defender to get by him, as well as doing a great job with help defense.