Northwood Temple Academy vs. Carmel Christian

Northwood Temple

Josh Nickelberry (6'5, 2019): Nickelberry is such a superb, gifted scoring guard that can give out a few hits just as much as he can take it.' He has to score for this team and that he does in an array of ways.' His jumper was on point and you can tell, when ones goes in, the confidence level only increases, which can be very dangerous for opponents.' He also is one of the top on-on-one offensive threats, breaking down defenders on the dribble, getting to the rim (and finishing), or using his jumper. Stats: 31 points

Brandon Franklin (6'10, 2019): An unsigned senior at 6'10, Franklin has the skill set that coaches are looking more for on the floor; his ability to shoot the rock from outside.'Franklin is that true stretch forward with a long but smooth release and more than capable of hitting multiple shots from three.

Carmel Christian

Ford Cooper (6'3, 2020): Cooper has expanded his game the older he has gotten.' He comes in and can play the 1, 2, or 3 for this team.' He used to be more of a spot shooter at times but now has developed his overall game more. Now he handles the ball at point, using either hand to bull his way to the bucket.' Once can see that he has really worked on his body and overall game and it has paid off.

Jake Boggs (6'8, 2019): Boggs is that stretch big that you can put anywhere on the floor.' Standing at 6'8, he already has the length to rise up over defenders but has incredible feel to put the ball on the floor and finish with either hand. You can play him defensively inside or out, as he moves really well on the floor.

Marten Maide (6'5, 2019): Maide struggled to find his rhythm but there is no doubt that he is a fantastic shooter.' Every time he shoots it, you think it is going in and his confidence level doesn't fall off.' He is silky smooth with a surprising athletic bounce to his game.

DeAngelo Epps (6'6, 2019): Epps is such a unique prospect with size, ability, and skillset.' He certainly has been hitting the weight room, getting stronger, which allows him to play down low, even being 6'6.' He can handle his own with his athletic ability on the boards.' But he is that forward that has the skill set to handle the ball, initiate the offense, and run the floor.' Now he added the capability to shoot the three, which only makes him even more unique with his game.' He brings tremendous energy to the floor and is that two-way player that coaches absolutely love.

Donovan Gregory (6'5, 2019): You better watch out where this young man is on the floor because he can put you on a poster quick. Superbly athletic is what he is known for but he is also very active on both ends, keeping possessions alive, getting on the boards, and running the floor.' Stats: 30 points

Myles Pierre (6'3, 2019): He is a leader on and off the court and his teammates love him.' Pierre is an incredibly strong ball handler with fantastic IQ.' He is a three-level scorer on the floor but a complete floor general.