6'2 '20 Jajuan Carr (Pender)

Regardless of setting, Carr always seems to rise to the occasion and lead by example on both ends of the floor. He's easily one of the smartest and toughest floor generals across the entire state. Carr handles the ball with poise, creates for himself and others, scores on all three levels with efficiency, and sets the tone extremely well on defense. He rebounds as well as any guard around and has the ability to push transition play whenever he desires.  Carr should already hold a dozen Division I offers, but will ultimately end up as one of the most underrated players in recent memory. 

6'9 '20 Aymeric Toussaint (Freedom Christian)

The appeal should be fairly obvious with someone like Toussaint, who does everything that one could want from their big man. He's active, bouncy, and offers a nice blend of interior and perimeter skills, which allows him to overwhelm opponents in various different ways. Toussaint is an excellent rim-protector with great timing and anticipation instincts. Currently, he is severely under-recruited, but that's almost guaranteed to change over the next calendar year. 

6'5 '21 Jayden Doyle (Freedom Christian)

As loaded as this roster is from top to bottom, one can easily identify Doyle as their clear two-way leader. He's so smooth and can lead an efficient offense with incredible subtlety, knowing how to control the tempo, set up others, and assert himself within the flow of the offense. Doyle handles and passes the ball well but can also make a major impact with his spot-up ability. He displays IQ and two-way versatility on nearly every possession, which really makes him tough for opponents to contain. Earlier this season, we called Doyle this year's breakout prospect and that remains even truer today. 

6'5 '20 Ricky Council IV (Southern Durham)

At this point, it's extremely difficult to try and understand Council's lack of recruitment. In terms of scoring wing prospects, it's tough to imagine many better'especially within North Carolina. He's long, incredibly athletic, and truly piles on points at a nonstop rate from all three levels. Council has built his foundation as a dominant scorer but also knows how to consistently create for others quite effortlessly. He also possesses terrific tools and upside as a defender, and will only become better on that end at the next level. Council is a high-level talent and should start getting recruited as such. 

5'11 '20 Quentin Richardson (Southern Durham)

The addition of Richardson will be incredibly vital to the success of this Southern Durham team throughout the remainder of the season. He's a smart, calm point guard prospect that knows how to complement Council and Hamilton's scoring mentality extremely well. Richardson is quick and has the ball on a string, which allows him to effortlessly navigate through traffic and make plays for himself or others. He's also a reliable three-level scorer and transition threat that keeps opponents guessing at all times. College coaches can certainly utilize a guy like Richardson. 

6'4 '20 Zavian McLean (Village Christian)

Few teams are as tough and disciplined as Village Christian, and McLean is a major part of that. He's a true two-way leader that leaves nothing to be desired on either end of the floor. McLean is a great creator with high IQ, offering a terrific balance between playmaking and three-level scoring. He knows how to consistently find mismatches on offense and exploits them to his advantage very well, including posting-up smaller guards, pulling opposing big men out to the perimeter, and a number of subtle movements that open up scoring opportunities for others. Columbia netting McLean remains an absolutely phenomenal get. 

6'8 '20 Jaemyn Brakefield (Huntington Prep)

The Duke commit has made a ton of strides within his development over the last calendar year, especially as an overall perimeter shooter. At 6-foot-8, Brakefield legitimately has all the tools (both physical and in terms of skill) to become even more dominant at the next level and beyond. He actively switches across multiple positions on both ends of the floor, able to defend anyone on the floor while showing his ability to post-up, initiate offense, or create from the wing. Brakefield is already undeniably productive but still has a ton of potential remaining. 

6'4 '20 AJ Hoggard (Huntington Prep)

The Michigan State commit has done a great job of asserting himself as one of the top floor generals in the Class of 2020. Hoggard runs a team with poise, intelligence, and an aggressive streak, which allows him to consistently touch the paint and make plays for himself or others. He's a phenomenal rebounder and rugged on-ball defender that welcomes physical play. Hoggard makes great decisions with the ball in his hands and can score the ball quite effectively, especially when looking to attack the basket. 

6'7 '20 Saiquone Harris (Word of God)

It's easy to get excited about this team given their sheer amount of talent, but Harris still feels somewhat underrated in the bigger scheme of things. His array of tools is simply phenomenal, as his combination of skill and athleticism is a rarity for most prospects his size. Harris can create for himself or others fairly well and has the necessary two-way versatility to cause a ton of matchup problems. It'll be fun to see how his recruitment unfolds going forward, as he should be a great player at the Division I level. 

6'5 '20 Jamahri Harvey (Moravian Prep)

Arguably no player on this roster has played more consistently than Harvey over these last few weeks. He's an excellent all-around scorer that can operate as a secondary creator or coexist alongside another primary ball-handler. Harvey shoots the ball at a reliable clip from the perimeter and has the ability to get going in a hurry. He defends and rebounds well for his position but can still continue to add strength for the next level. 

6'8 '20 Luke Davis (Moravian Prep)

There's an abundance of talent on this roster, but Davis has quietly continued to improve over the course of the season. He's long, wiry, and extremely bouncy but also shows flashes of a quality face-up game. Davis plays hard at all times, always looking to alter shots around the basket, fight for rebounds/extra possessions, and hunting any opportunity for a putback dunk. He's made clear strides, but it's likely that Davis will continue to get better over the next calendar year. 

6'5 '21 Yohann Axel-Sam (Northwood Temple)

Although he might not be the flashiest guy, Axel-Sam is absolutely among the most valuable players on this Northwood Temple roster. His motor, blue-collar approach, and incredible willingness to make the hustle plays almost deem him irreplaceable for this group. Axel-Sam plays much bigger than his size would imply and has the ability to fight inside or step out to knock down the open jumper. Every type of program can utilize a guy like him.