What was great about the Phenom Summer Showcase in Bermuda Run, it gave us a chance to view some of the talent and teams coming into the high school season.  A few high school programs came together to compete in showcase games, giving us an early look at what their team may look like.  In this article, we look at Greensboro Day as we dive into their roster a little more and names to remember.

Head Coach Freddy Johnson is back again on the court, looking to rack up a few more wins and playing a national schedule.  At the Summer Showcase, his team was able to go undefeated in a few tough battles and it gave us just a small glance of what the Bengals may look like.

First off, 2022 Nik Graves and 2023 Jaydon Young were sidelined with injuries but will both be a huge part of the success Greensboro Day has this season. Graves is the spoon that stirs the pot, as he plays with a tremendous IQ, facilitates to the weapons around him, and plays with tremendous pace and feel.  Young, one of the top prospects in his class, will look to elevate his game even more as he will be an even bigger part of the Bengal’s offense.

Now on to players that we got a better view of on the court. 2022 Michael Zanoni will not only be counted on as a leader and one of the go-to players for Coach Johnson but his recruitment could continue to take off.' He can be a knock-down shooter, help on the boards, be a strong presence on defense, and really be a critical piece when it comes to leadership.' 2022 CJ Collins continues to be a strong presence on the boards with his length, as well as tough on offense and a rim protector. 2022 Jackson Noble is another forward that has really stepped up his game, continuing to stretch the floor with his perimeter game and help on the boards.

2023 Julius Reese continues to provide another weapon and depth for the Bengals, bring more of a physical presence on the court.  2023 Jordan Moody was strong on the defensive end, really playing scrappy, getting in a stance, and does the dirty work as well as providing depth.

2025 Addison Newkirk also grabbed the attention of our scouts, as the young new face for the Bengals should be able to earn early playing time with his tremendous feel and IQ, but also another scoring threat.  Though young, he has shown he can play at a high level.

Overall, Greensboro Day brings a ton of talent back to the court, and again, this is just a quick glance at a few names that we saw at the Summer Showcase. New names certainly could continue to pop up but the future looks bright for the Bengals as they look to compete for another state championship.