Charlotte Royals

6’0 ’21 Christian Rudisell- The strong-bodied guard was easily among the most productive performers for this Royals squad. He set the tone offensively and displayed constant toughness on both sides of the ball. Rudisell handled the ball well while offering a quality balance between scoring and playmaking. He also dialed in on defense and proved to be an above-average rebounder.


Team Winston

5’11 ’21 Camian Shell- The floor general stood out as the most valuable player for Team Winston, given the way he led and controlled the action on both ends of the floor. He’s an intelligent playmaker that operates with poise and patience. That being said, Shell also scored the ball at an exceptionally efficient rate throughout this showing and made winning plays with regularity. He’s a very well-rounded player that doubles as an excellent teammate.


6’4 ’21 Caden Davis- Though there were better scorers from this contest, Davis was easily the main glue-guy from either team. He’s tough, strong, and physical on both ends of the floor, which allows him to overwhelm opponents. Davis is a gritty defender that can contain multiple positions while collecting steals and blocks at a pretty consistent rate. He does an excellent job of getting downhill and attacking the basket, especially in transition.


Team Charlotte

6’8 ’20 Jaden Seymour- The athletic wing/forward prospect took over offensively at various points throughout this contest. He is extremely active around the basket and scores efficiently from within the paint, but also highlighted the ability to initiate offense and make plays for others. Seymour is a monster on defense, given his strength and overall level of versatility, which allows him to protect the rim or guard the perimeter with relative ease.


5’11 ’20 Treyden Williams- Though he didn’t look to score a lot in this contest, Williams was arguably the most reliable all-around performer for this team. He’s smart and smooth, never forcing the action and playing under control at all times. Williams makes such phenomenal reads with the ball in his hands, especially when getting downhill and looking to create for others. He scores efficiently on all three levels and is truly capable of adapting to whatever his team needs.


Team Felton

6’7 ’20 Brady O’Connell- Known for his explosiveness, O’Connell did a lot of things well in this game. He handled the ball, created well for himself and others, and scored the ball effectively from multiple levels. O’Connell is pretty crafty when looking for teammates and has the ability to navigate quite well through traffic. He’s a terror in transition and looks to play above the rim at a constant rate.


Team CP3

6’1’ 21 Jacobi Wright- It almost goes without saying, but Wright was easily the smartest player on the court during this contest. He simply knows how to conduct a team and control the action at a high level on both ends of the floor. Wright consistently made smart decisions with the ball and scored the ball well from all three levels. He has added noticeable strength and athleticism throughout the last calendar year, but looks likely to continue growing going forward.


6’2 ’21 Terquavion Smith- The long, wiry off-guard was easily the most polished scorer from this contest. He aggressively scored the ball from all levels and highlighted terrific athleticism in transition by looking to play above the rim whenever possible. Smith is a rangy defender with great anticipation instincts and the ability to pile up steals in a hurry.


Team Phoenix

5’11 ’20 Demetrius Washington- Though Deing had an impressive scoring performance, Washington was arguably the most reliable presence on this team. He’s a scrappy, bulldog-like defender that forces steals at a strong rate and makes plenty of unselfish contributions on offense. Washington is capable of scoring, but typically prefers to look for others and attack the basket as needed.


Team CP3

6’0 ’20 Shakeel Moore- Few players were more impressive than Moore, who showed some extended flashes of dominance throughout this contest. He’s so great at attacking the basket, hitting that extra burst, and climbing the ladder to rise above the opposition and finish at the rim. Moore plays with poise, intensity, and quickness, which allow him to overwhelm opponents on both sides of the ball. He leads by example and understands how to properly get his teammates involved in the action.


6’3 ’21 Cam Hayes- The point guard was excellent throughout this contest and scored the ball as well as I’ve ever personally seen. He knocked down shots from the perimeter, worked the ball inside, and showed craftiness off the bounce while maintaining his quality vision and playmaking instincts. Hayes drew fouls at a solid rate and converted majority of his attempts at the line.


Team Charlotte

6’3 ’20 Tristan Maxwell- Simply put, Maxwell was the main player that propelled Team Charlotte in their battle against Team CP3. He effortlessly scored the ball from all levels, especially from distance, and was able to generate a clean shot out of thin air whenever his team needed a bucket. Maxwell has an extremely high talent level and could play at whatever program he desires, especially if he continues to stay engaged and outwork opponents on both sides of the ball.

Team Felton

6’6 ’20 Reggie Raynor- The athletic wing prospect has continued to expand all areas of his game and looks quite comfortable in a variety of different roles. Raynor locks in on defense and utilizes his blend of length and athleticism exceptionally well to disrupt opponents. He rebounds well, pushes transition play, and showed the ability to make plays for others, especially when getting downhill and inside the paint. Raynor is a prospect that more Division I coaches should start pursuing with more urgency.


Team CP3

6’6 ’21 Duncan Powell- The newest addition to this Team CP3 squad was arguably their most intriguing performer on the day. He has an excellent blend of size, strength, and skill, and knows how to make an impact on both ends of the floor. Powell is an efficient all-around scorer, but typically looks to attack the midrange area (where he’s extremely reliable) or keep the ball in constant motion. Powell is somewhat unique and has an old-school game, but can already contribute at a high level.