6’2 ’23 Kimman Power (Carolina International)

When watching this Carolina International team, one can immediately identity Power as their undisputed offensive leader. He possesses penetration skills, positional size, and the ability to finish with craftiness around the basket. Power is the youngest player on this roster but displayed excellent maturity throughout this contest. 

6’4 ’20 Isaiah Hairston (Greater Beckley)

It seems like each time we see Greater Beckley, Hairston showcases a new wrinkle within his game. He’s a big, strong-bodied post with a tremendous amount of skill, strength, and mismatch qualities, making him an unusual assignment for most opponents. Hairston can handle the ball, work out of the post, stretch the floor, and utilize his body for points or rebounds inside the paint. 

6’2 ’20 Sean Hoskins (Greater Beckley)

There were a lot of quality players throughout this contest, and Hoskins was arguably the most productive. He asserted himself as a scorer early on and then showed a willingness to manage the game and score as needed. Hoskins is long, wiry, active, and can shoot the ball or attack the basket but also knows how to defer to open teammates. 

6’3 ’21 Javonte Waverly (Henderson Collegiate)

Easily the best passer in North Carolina, Waverly continues on his reign of terror unto opposing point guards. He’s a lockdown defender with elite IQ, vision, and playmaking instincts. That being said, Waverly has also added some muscle, athleticism, and tightened up his jumper since our last viewing. He looks poised for a special year and should assert himself as one of the premier players in the state. 

6’3 ’20 Kalib Matthews (Henderson Collegiate)

Already among the top three-point shooters in the state, Matthews has already added a lot to his game. He’s shown an improved handle with additional craftiness and physical strength, making him extremely difficult for most wings to contain. Matthews is already an incredible steal for Queens, but could be an even better if he continues to develop before stepping on campus. 

6’11 ’20 Jaylon Gibson (GRACE Christian)

It’s easy to see how special Gibson can be, given his unique blend of interior and perimeter skills. He’s long, wiry, and protects the rim at a high-level, which allows him to block shots/secure rebounds and immediately push the break in transition. Gibson handles the ball, creates reliably, and can truly score from all three levels. His remaining upside is still enough to get extremely excited about. 

6’3 ’21 Darius Davis (Moravian Prep)

Despite not being the flashiest player on the floor, Davis is easily one of the most valuable members of this Moravian Prep squad. He commits to doing all the little things on a consistent basis and is possibly the best rebounding guard across the entire state. Davis’ motor is nonstop and his ability to make plays without requiring the ball is incredibly useful. He’s unselfish, thrives in transition, and can make a major impact in a variety of different roles. 

6’2 ’22 Amare Haynie (Moravian Prep)

The newest addition to this group is Haynie, who already adds a phenomenal presence on both ends of the floor. He’s a reliable ball-handler and passer, but really stands out with his defense and perimeter shooting. Haynie is the youngest player on this roster, but already receives significant minutes and will be one for coaches to watch closely going forward.

6’8 ’20 Cam Stitt (Beckley Prep)

It’s easy to see why college coaches are consistently lining up to watch Beckley Prep, especially when Stitt is performing at such a high level. He’s long, skilled, athletic, and extremely fluid for his size/position, which makes him a walking mismatch for most types of opponents. Stitt is a knockdown perimeter shooter that can attack off the bounce and make plays around the basket. 

6’8 ’20 Garrett Hien (Concord First Assembly)

There are a lot of reasons to consider Concord First Assembly as the favorite to win a championship this season, but it all starts and ends with Hien. Not only is he the most skilled and productive player on the team, but his style and approach simply make him a nightmare for opposing forwards. Hien can legitimately operate from the block, high post, beyond the three-point line, or as a primary creator. He could easily continue trending upward and outperform expectations at Furman. 

6’3 ’21 Trae Benham (Concord First Assembly)

It feels like this entire Concord First Assembly squad has trended upward over the last few months, but perhaps none more than Benham. He’s collected multiple offers and that only looks likely to continue, given how well he’s passing the ball lately. Benham is already a phenomenal perimeter shooter and defender with great size for his position. He could definitely have a big-time season. 

6’8 ’20 Zack Austin (Moravian Prep)

The Moravian Prep program is loaded with talent from top to bottom on each of their teams, and Austin is a clear leader on the post-grad squad. Austin knows how to consistently set the defensive tone with his length, motor, and versatility but also displays the ability to space the floor or create off the bounce. He should only continue to accrue offers over these next few months. 

6’4 ’20 Omar Gardner (Charlotte Basketball Academy)

This CBA squad was easily among the most fearless, athletic, and hardworking teams in attendance, and Gardner was at the forefront. He’s a long, incredibly explosive guard prospect with a game-changing motor, strong defensive instincts, and quality creation skills. Gardner has all the tools to have a very impressive season and should have college coaches’ attention throughout.