6’10 ’22 Corneilous Williams (TLBA)

The TLBA roster is loaded with talented prospects, but arguably none more notable than Williams. He’s long, athletic, and plays with a nonstop motor on both ends of the floor. Williams is an incredible rebounder with sharp timing as a rim-protector. Although most of his offensive ability shines around the basket, Williams also highlighted a useful perimeter jumper. It’s easy to see why high-level programs have begun getting involved. 

5’9 ’22 Camian Shell (TLBA)

It’s quite difficult to find many point guards more poised and intelligent than Shell, especially when it comes to managing the game and dissecting the opposing defense. He’s an extremely meticulous passer that seems to place the ball in the perfect location without fail. Shell is so tough to stop from touching the paint and making plays. He’s great at carving out space when penetrating and capable of knocking down perimeter jumpers. 

6’0 ’21 Jaden Ellis (Cobras 2021)

While they’ve added numerous players since last summer, Ellis is arguably the most noticeably improved of anyone on this roster since the end of the high school season. He’s simply been an overqualified glue-guy for the Cobras, and has been extremely productive as a result. Ellis has shined as a passer, scorer, and defender while constantly making positive plays on both ends of the floor. 

6’4 ’21 Daniel Cooper (Cobras 2021)

There are a lot of players who thrive off of effort and energy, but few guys embody those traits better than Cooper. He’s a wiry, high-motor forward that simply destroys opponents with his nose for the ball. Cooper is a great rebounder, finisher, and overall hustle player that simply knows how to do the little things in order to win. 

6’2 ’23 Treymane Parker (Fayetteville Flash)

Through the first half of the day, no player (or prospect) was more impressive than Parker. He was purely dominant while showcasing the full arsenal on either end of the floor. Parker garners a ton of attention for his exciting athleticism, but offers so much more than dunking ability. He is incredibly smart and displays high-level instincts in all facets of the game, which allows him to highlight extended flashes of pure dominance. Parker is an excellent, highly efficient scorer and extremely crafty playmaker that naturally stands out as a defender, rebounder, and overall threat in transition. Division I programs should already be prioritizing. 

6’5 ’23 Collin Murray-Boyles (Upward Stars Columbia)

There were numerous standouts for the young Upward Stars Columbia squad, but Murray-Boyles was arguably their most productive performer. He’s big and mobile with great length and versatility on both ends of the floor. Murray-Boyles can score in various different ways, showing the ability to work around the basket or knock down the occasional jumper. He’s a quality rebounder with toughness and clear long-term upside. 

6’0 ’23 Jamal Townsend (Team Trezz)

There’s no debating the amount of appeal within this Team Trezz roster, and Townsend was a pleasant surprise throughout this contest. He’s a high-motor guard with toughness and the ability to make plays without requiring the ball in his hands. Townsend is a great defender that knows how to force turnovers and make hustle plays to secure the ball. There’s already a lot to like about his ability and upside going forward. 

6’0 ’24 Jordan Vick (Team Trezz)

Despite some ups and downs, it’s still extremely easy to get excited about what Vick brings to the table. He’s a high-level creator with an incredible balance between playmaking and three-level scoring. Vick is extremely smart and effortlessly dictates the offensive action, regularly picking the opposition apart whilst consistently making the correct read and applying scoring pressure. Vick has the tools to be a special player and should have ample opportunity to prove himself over the next few years. 

6’9 ’23 Issiah Sutherland (Charlotte Supreme)

Despite a losing effort, there were a lot of takeaways with Sutherland and his long-term potential. He’s a long, tough, athletic and absolutely wreaks havoc on both ends of the floor. Sutherland brings high energy and intensity while rebounding the ball at a nonstop rate. He also runs the floor hard in transition and should have a lot of upside remaining. Sutherland could be one to keep a close eye on throughout the future.