6’7 ’21 Earl Burgess (Team 864)

It’s easy to appreciate someone like Burgess, who is so noticeably effective without ever needing to be the primary focus on either end of the floor. He simply makes plays and understands how to maximize his presence. Burgess is long, wiry, and moves very well for his size. He runs the floor properly in transition, makes smart decisions with or without the ball, and can thrive in a variety of different roles. Scholarship-coaches should continue getting involved. 

6’3 ’21 Undre Lindsay (Team 864)

There are a lot of quality contributors on this roster, but Lindsay regularly separates himself as a leader with this group. He possesses excellent physical attributes but also has the necessary combination of size, skill, and athleticism to dominate most types of opponents. Lindsay can generate and convert clean shots from anywhere on the floor, and has the efficiency to effortlessly dictate the offensive action. 

6’7 ’21 Peyton Gerald (QCAA)

Despite some ups and downs as a team, Gerald has been quite consistent over the last few weeks. His game is very steady, reliable, and straightforward, which allows him to make a ton of plays within the flow of the game. Gerald utilizes his length very well, both as a finisher and shot-altering defender, and can attack effectively off the bounce when necessary. He’s a definite scholarship-level player that looks poised for a productive upcoming season. 

6’9 ’21 Ian Thompson (Upward Stars Bailey)

Though Upward Stars Bailey truly epitomizes a balanced approach to the game, Thompson was still able to shine in various ways. Like most on this team, he’s very steady and reliable on both ends of the floor. Thompson displays touch and finishing ability out of the post while also providing a solid presence as a rim-protector. He rebounds well, plays consistently hard, and runs the floor well in transition. 

6’3 ’21 Javian Cannady (Team Hickory)

It’s easy to see why Cannady has been regarded as a breakout player this summer, especially considering how well he’s operated as the leader of Team Hickory. He unselfishly dictates the offensive action, offering a quality balance between setting up others and capitalizing on scoring opportunities. Cannady is a useful defender and rebounder with great cutting and transition abilities. 

6’6 ’20 Alec Topper (Main Event Elite)

The unsigned senior stood out nicely with this Main Event Elite squad, given his ability to affect all facets of the game without needing to be a focal point. Topper possesses IQ, touch, and solid two-way versatility. He’s a great rebounder with toughness and a high motor. Topper does a lot of things well on the court, regardless of role or offensive touches. 

6’0 ’22 Omari Bryson (Next Level SC)

There were numerous standouts for Next Level SC during this contest, and Bryson certainly deserves credit for his contributions. He shot the ball very well from the perimeter, showing spot-up instincts and the ability to effectively create off the bounce. Bryson possesses solid length and utilizes it well to cause havoc as a defender and rebounder. He also plays hard on both ends of the floor.

6’6 ’22 Julius Harrison (NC Gaters)

The Gaters roster is simply full of complementary players, and Harrison is arguably the glue-guy who keeps it all together. Despite not being known for his scoring, Harrison scored the ball really well throughout this contest. He finished in transition, around the basket, and knocked down numerous jumpers while still offering his usual amount of defense, rebounding, and two-way versatility. 

6’0 ’22 Connor Ballou (NC Gaters) 

Though Nolan Hodge was arguably their most productive player, Ballou stood out as the Gaters’ security blanket throughout this showing. He didn’t need to score a ton to make a lasting impact, as he setup others, made plays defensively, and still posed a major shooting threat. Ballou offered a poised, crafty ball-handling presence and made great decisions with the ball in his hands. 

6’7 ’21 Toby Harris (Carolina Flyers)

There have been plenty of folks showing hesitancy about Harris’ ability as a high-level Division I prospect, but this contest really allowed everyone to see the full package. He effortlessly controlled the offensive action, scoring with polish and efficiency from all three levels, but also make a clear impact in all other facets of the game. Harris is a great rebounder, solid defender, and absolute leader who deserves more action within his recruitment. 

5’11 ’22 AJ Cook (CC Elite)

The CC Elite squad had a ton of useful contributors throughout this contest, but Cook was quietly among their most productive. He’s a fairly well-rounded floor general with a nice balance between shooting and playmaking. Cook is a steady offensive player but also made a ton of plays on the defensive end of the floor.