6’2 ’22 Lebron Thomas- The point guard prospect was easily the most impressive performer from the first slate of games. He managed the game incredibly well, showing poise with the ball in his hands and only looking to score as needed. Thomas sets up his teammates at a high level and has the necessary vision to make some unbelievable passes.


Team Synergy

6’2 ’21 LJ Johnson- The long, wiry wing prospect showed various flashes throughout this contest. He was somewhat inconsistent this morning, but still knocked down multiple three-pointers and did so within the flow of the offense. He proved to be a willing passer and looked to make smart plays whenever possible.


Team Charlotte

6’6 ’20 Daniel Ransom-It’s so easy to find positive things within Ransom’s skillset, because he just exudes productivity. If he’s on the floor, Ransom is somewhere making a play. He’s a leader by example that sets the tone on both ends of the floor. Ransom is extremely tough, versatile, and has no real weaknesses. He should be spectacular at Western Carolina.


6’4 ’20 Ford Cooper- The guard prospect was arguably the most impressive offensive performer for either team. He has a tight handle and sharp feel for the game, which allows him to create for himself or others in a pinch. Cooper has also really asserted himself among the top three-point shooters in North Carolina over the recent months.


Team Hickory

6’3 ’20 Lane Harrill- Though somewhat unassuming, Harrill was easily the most reliable performer for this Team Hickory squad. He controlled the offensive action by handling the ball, setting up his teammates, and taking advantage of available scoring opportunities. Harrill is a quality rebounder and defender, especially for his size, and led quite well from start to finish.


Juice All-Stars

6’7 ’20 Saiquone Harris- The appeal is fairly obvious with Harris, who has an amazing combination of size and guard skills. He creates for himself with ease and can score the ball effectively from all three levels. Harris is a high-level athlete that possesses nice two-way versatility.


6’6 ’20 Chris Nobles- There’s a lot to like with Nobles, who already has an intriguing, versatile two-way skillset, and only looks likely to continue getting better. He’s long, active, and able to cause havoc with his defensive prowess. Nobles scores well from all levels and rebounds the ball at a consistent rate.