Carolina Day Vs Moravian Prep

Moravian Prep got the better of Carolina Day by a significant margin largely due to the play of 6’3 2019 Caleb Burgess, 6’8 2019 Josh Hall, and 6’10 2020 Javarzia Belton.  The Point Guard, Wing, Big trio that might be the best in North Carolina.  Burgess is clearly the vocal leader of this group and his energy is simply contagious throughout the entire roster.  He brings an element of toughness to go with his versatile skillset and continuously improving touch from beyond the arc, he’s a bonafide D1 kid at this point in time, I completely expect his stock to rise throughout the course of the season.  Josh Hall is a super unique wing prospect in the Kevin Durant mold.  I’m not saying he’s that good, but his game does bear serious resemblance of the 3 time NBA champ.  A smooth stroke from the perimeter, excellent agility, and the ability to initiate offense make Hall an incredibly intriguing prospect.  He has about 15 D1 offers from low-mid majors, expect some high majors to gain a lot of interest as he showcases his talents throughout the year.  Javarzia Belton in one word is a specimen, the kid simply has physical tools gifted from god and it’s great that he is truly figuring out how to utilize them.  He’s one of the best rebounders I’ve ever scouted and should have coaches coming in by the bunches as he improves his lateral quickness and overall skillset.  For Carolina Day both 6’1 2019 Devin Elliot and 6’4 D’Angelo Elliot showed flashes of what they’re capable of.  Both possess excellent ball skills and an ability to run their team, knock down perimeter jumpers, and guard multiple positions.  D2s should be clamoring all over the Elliot brothers.  Another one to watch for Carolina Day was 6’1 2022 Cash Watkins, along with his awesome name, Watkins was super comfortable out there and showed a level of decisiveness seldom seen in a freshman going up against a talented squad like Moravian Prep, keep him on your radar. 

New Life Christian Vs Piedmont Classical

This was one of the more anticipated matchups of the day Shakeel Moore showed that he was the top prospect on the court and he set that tone early.  He came out with a point to prove, attacking in transition and making assertive decisions while running his team.  The 6’1 2020 high flyer showed that he’s deserving of his offers and should garner some more interest as he’s developed his true point guard skills in a major way.  6’6 2020 Jalen King Joiner continues to play at a high level, seemingly never making a mistake, always giving a complete effort and making winning plays for this group.  6’0 2019 Ronald Rogers also did a great job playing his role as a secondary ball handler and as a leader, knocking down timely shots and running his team when needed.  New Life overcame a slow start in the first half, but 6’0 2020 Reggie Walton rallied the troops and got his guys in a position to succeed and they started to play a lot better as the game went along.  6’6 2020 Reggie Raynor showcased his ability to play above the rim as well as defending every position on the floor at a high level.  He’s another one with a vastly improved skillset that if he continues to get better can reach his incredibly high ceiling.