Phoenix 6th/7th Grade Girls Group

By: Brittany Drew

Cimora Rorie: 2028 (Southeast Middle)

Cimora is a guard that will score and then immediately be applying pressure on defense. She epitomizes the saying “heart over height”. Intimidates ball handlers and forces them to turn it over. She can not only give the pressure, but she can handle it. She seeks contact, has great footwork, and uses her body well to make tough finishes around the rim. Be on the lookout for her to make a bigger name for herself after this middle school season.  

Raegan McCarn: 2027 (Central Davidson)

Raegan is a kid who can actually call themselves a “real” shooter. She shot the ball well from the three, making over 10 3’s total on the day. She gets to her spots quickly, sets her feet and after that, she trusts her training. She has the ability to get defenders off balance with shot fakes and then looks to make a play for the team. Be on the lookout for her to continue increasing range on her shot and develop in other areas on the floor.  

Rihanna Gregory: 2027 (Woodlawn)

Rihanna is very smart, efficient with her shot selection and consistently plays hard on both sides of the ball. As you watch her play, you notice that when the ball is in her hands she can effectively make a play for her or one of her teammates. Beginning of the game, I had no idea she could shoot, because she was so selfless. As the game went on, defenders would overplay on her teammates and then she would be the one knocking down shots. She is an all-around solid player and she will only get better as she continues to progress.