On Sunday, Piedmont Classical and NC Gaters guard Dre’Shaun Brown committed to St. Augustine over various other Division II and III programs. After watching him closely and covering him extensively over the last few years, Phenom Hoops decided to sit down and ask about what ultimately went into his decision. Let’s take a closer look…

PH: Talk about your journey and everything that went into this process.

DB: This journey has honestly been a roller coaster, from starting at Southeast Guilford to transferring to Piedmont Classical. I felt Piedmont was the right place for me due to the competition level–not only in games but practicing with some of the best as well. Just keeping faith in God and knowing my time would come was a big part of the process. My junior year, I started getting a little buzz and knew that my senior year I was going to have to step up and help lead my team, which helped me gain traction from more coaches.

PH: Even with Covid, how did your senior season impact your overall recruitment process? Speak about the team structure and coaching under Johnnie Richardson. 

DB: During my senior season, I believed I showed coaches and peers a lot of improvement–and that just started with me believing in myself. We had a special group of talent this year under Coach Richardson; a lot of people thought we were going to fall off with losing coach Free and a couple of players. Playing with Coach Richardson for just one year helped me get ready for college. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything; he’s always going to tell you what you did wrong and how to fix it. Also, with this year’s team was pretty small [in terms of physical size], so I ran the off-guard position a lot more and became a combo guard—which added some versatility to my game.

PH: What was the main appeal of St. Augustine? Why did you choose the school over others?

DB: The main appeal was knowing they are a great program playing in a great conference. Also, being an HBCU that has a great atmosphere during the games is one of the reasons that I chose it over other schools–not to mention its close proximity to home and having family that lives in Raleigh.

PH: How do you see yourself fitting in with the program going forward?

DB: I see myself helping the team out in multiple ways, not just by scoring (which everyone can do at this level), but through my playmaking and defensive ability being highlighted. I just want to help the team win. I’ve always been a winner, and I am willing to do whatever Coach Johnson needs me to do for the team!