We are still a few months away from the state of high school basketball here in North Carolina, so we are looking around at different topics to look at throughout the state.  One topic that was brought up and to think about is the young sophomore duo at Chambers, and if they could be the best young duo in North Carolina.

Again, this is just for talk, and we know there are plenty of young duos to look out for or have already made a statement.  But one can’t deny that the young duo of 2026 Markus Kerr and 2026 Tarris Bouie should be in that discussion.


Let’s dive into a bit more.  Starting with the new addition of 2026 Markus Kerr is a very young prospect that is just starting his story in what he could ultimately be.  But watching him, he has terrific positional size and he has a chance to really develop into something special as he adds more to his game. He has a natural feel and can be a tough matchup with his 6’5 frame and 6’8 wingspan. He has tremendous offensive tools, is understanding more of what he is capable of being, and starting to show that he can be that go-to guy on the court to make things happen or create for himself.

2026 Tarris Bouie is one of those players that have the “what if” around his name (in a good way). Bouie was able to get a strong understanding and key experience last year, but he will be dependent on stepping up even more.  At his length, this is where the “what if” comes into mind; he still could have room to grow as he is young and has a long wiry frame. He also showed a strong jump this summer in being more assertive and understanding of what he is capable of doing on the court.  And when he gets stronger, adds more to his game, and understands even more of his potential, he could become even scarier. 

Kerr and Bouie should frequent names that you hear a lot about this upcoming season, but what also makes them so intriguing is that we believe that this is just the start of what you will be seeing in the near future.