By: DeAjai Dawkins

Nick Hamrick (Rising Stars 2024)

Younger brother of Westminster Catawba Christian School rising star AJ Hamrick, Nick Hamrick is a 2024 prospect that should be receiving major attention in the coming years. Hamrick has a wide wingspan to compliment his noticeably tall and slender frame. Despite being the tallest player on his team, he plays comfortably on the wing. He’s comfortable pulling the 3-point shot when given space, a viable asset to his game with development. 

5’11 Chase and Carson Daniel (CC Elite UA 2024)

I’m sure the Daniel twins have received more than enough praise as a unit rather than individuals, and it’s easy to see why. They were stellar in the morning session, proving why they’re regarded as a dangerous guard tandem. Standing at 5’11, they combine lightning quickness with competitiveness to create turnovers on the defensive end and turn them into fast break points. Both guards are reliable 3 level scoring options and won’t hesitate to take you to the basket. They possess leadership qualities that should continue to develop with age.

2025 Arrion Concepcion (CC Elite UA 2024)

An athletic lead guard, Arrion impressed me playing a year up in age and maintaining his composure regardless of that. Despite his raw athleticism, Concepcion uses it effectively in the way he draws contact at the basket and leading the fastbreak. He has the capability to dominate through his production alone, whether he realizes that yet or not. He should continue to develop his dominance as a catalyst. Look to see his offensive production increase with more work beyond the perimeter.

2025 Eli Ellis (TLBA 2024)

Eli Ellis is an elite scorer, simple. He plays with confidence and maturity that can only be acquired through hard work and assurance of that work. I saw Eli stop in transition and pull up for three without hesitation, draining the three and getting back on defense without the slightest celebration. He attacked the basket all game, drawing defenders to him before dishing out passes to the inevitable open man. Ellis possesses the skill and mentality of a primary scoring option, and should develop into such as he gets older. 

Colt Langton (Team Charlotte U14)

Colt Langton (Team Charlotte U14) is a big man that possesses skill I associate with focused training. He uses his body well and secures rebounds with authority. Beyond simply grabbing rebounds at a consistent rate, Langton also makes crisp outlet passes that provide instant transition opportunities. He also makes use of his midrange work and gives his team more spacing options.