Jordan Vick

By: DeAjai Dawkins

Jordan Vick (Team Trezz 16u)

Athletic guard that utilizes a wide handle to soften the interior defenses and zip passes into the paint. He can jump high which allows him to compete with bigs for rebounds as well as finish easier at the rim. Vick doesn’t shy away from the 3 ball, and can knock it down with space. Jordan’s game should continue to develop and with his combination of athleticism and skill at the guard position, I see him developing into a fine prospect.

‪2023 GG Jackson (Upward Stars 3SSB 15U) ‬

Jackson caught my attention yesterday, but it was primarily through his ability to rebound the ball and put it back up along with his sheer size. Today it seems like he felt even more comfortable scoring the ball, as he had numerous beautiful drives to the basket over the course of his contest against the Atlanta Timberwolves. One thing that sticks out to me is how well he uses his off hand when driving to the basket. Jackson is incredibly talented at creating separation without fouling, making it virtually impossible to

2024 Zamare Mooney (Garner Road 2024)

Good coaches appreciate players that willingly play hard on both ends of the floor. 2024 guard Zamare Mooney is an embodiment of that trait. I watched this young man constantly poke at the ball defensively, using his solid frame to disrupt any opposing players with the ball in their hands. He moves his feet as well as anyone, even in transition, and can be trusted to defend an opposing team’s best player. Mooney is a left-handed player that is most comfortable attacking the basket with his left hand. His scoring comes primarily from his slashing ability, and he should begin to solidify itself as he gains comfort finishing with his non-dominant hand.

2022 Austin Swartz (Next Level SC U16)

Consistent perimeter shooter that demands attention at all times from defenders. A streaky scorer that can get going fast and gives large scoring outbursts that are difficult to contain. If a defender makes the mistake of closing out sloppily against Swartz, he can blow by them, using one of his effective size-up dribble combinations to propel himself forward. His pump fake is effective due to his unique shot form, which he uses well off the dribble.

6’7 Edgar Escobedo (Charlotte Dragons 14U)

Still a very passive prospect, Escobedo possesses tremendous size for his age. He can grab rebounds without much resistance due to his height and wingspan. At this stage in his development, while I wouldn’t classify Escobedo as an immediate scoring threat, the potential is most definitely there. Confidence on the block and further utilization of an already existing skill set will take Edgar to incredible heights as he continues on his current path.