6’2 ’21 Adonijah Whitley (Cobras ’21)

Whitley plays post and wing for his travel team but with his guard skills he will be running PG for his high school team. With his size and strength, he a had a few coasts to coast drives that showed his aggressiveness with the ball in his hands he also showed glimpses of his playmaking skills with finding the open cutter throughout the weekend. The lefty has good mechanics on his shot and is at best in the open floor.

6’0 ’21 Shane Peterson (NC Ice 2021)

At the start of the game he knocked down shots from deep at a high rate, which is something that we have seen him do on a consistent basis.  He cooled off later and his team got behind. 2nd half Shane was unreal started attacking the basket seeing a few shots go in and then his 3-point shot came back to him and he helped NC ICE get the win on his game winning layup at the buzzer.

6’0 ’21 Jayron Rankins (NC Ice 2021)

NC Ice had a few roster adjustments to overcome and it was next man up. Rankins was very impressive running the PG spot limiting turnovers getting in lane and finishing through contact. Rankins never got rattled when they got down by double digits he set the tone on defense and made it hard for his assignment and caused turnovers. You always hear people say be ready when your number is called well Rankins number  was called and he didn’t disappoint.

6’4 ’21 Daniel Cooper (Cobras 2021)

If there was an award for Mr. Hustle Cooper would have been in the running when his motor is on go he is one of the hardest playing kids in 2021 for NC.  He currently is a tweener with developing wing skills who plays with grit and determination and at times can guard the 1-5 with good success. Averaged a double double over the course of 7 games.

5’9 ’21 Isaiah Escobar (NC Ice)

Another unsung hero in the comeback win was Escobar smart guard who just did the little things that added up and helped the team. He played good solid defense rebounded made the right pass was in the right spots. I personally enjoyed seeing him play a bigger rule than he has in previous events.

6’4 ’21 Kamel Smith (NC Ice 2021)

Long, athletic wing prospect didn’t have one of his better games on the offensive end like I heard he had over the previous 6 games. What Smith did do well was crash the boards and give Ice 2nd and 3rd chances. Smith still was solid in the high post area with his one dribble pullups and did a good job without the ball as an off-ball cutter.  Smith is quite versatile on defense and can easily span across three positions while securing rebounds at a strong rate.

6’2 ‘19 Trevon Bell (Team Wall South East)

Is wing that causes havoc with his energy he fights for rebounds and is a very active defender on the wing. He’s a high flyer who is looking to get out in transition. From the last time I saw him he has made a big-time improvement on his jump shot he was knocking down 3 pointers all week at a consistent rate.

5’8 ’22 Maleec Myers (WBC Elite 2021)

The young, incredibly well-rounded point guard continues to impress he is a sparkplug with the energy he brings. He’s been consistent in each viewing with the WBC Elite. Myers displayed excellent craftiness when attacking the basket, both as a passer and finisher. He knocked down plenty of jumpers and contained his assignment well on defense.