By: DeAjai Dawkins

6’3 2022 Stephon Richards (CC Heat/Moravian Prep)

One 2021 Charlotte-area guard that has truly felt the COVID’s negative impact on their recruitment is 6’3 Stephon Richards. Stephon is a combo guard truly built for the next level, with exceptional downhill abilities that he uses to his advantage. He’s shown 3-level scoring capabilities today, and I find it truly hard to believe that colleges have not been contacting this guy.  

 2023 Nick Dorn (Anthony Morrow Elite/J.L Chambers) 

I often say that it is only a matter of time before Nick Dorn begins to receive serious collegiate attention, and this weekend he’s proving his case once again. His size/length in a true sharpshooter is a rare combination at the high school level. Aside from his family’s elite athletic background, which has historically played a factor in the long-term development of many athletes, Dorn provides very clear tools that could be built upon as time passes. 

2023 6’1 Jaylen Curry (Anthony Morrow Elite/J.L Chambers) 

Special players have a way of standing out amongst their peers. Jaylen Curry does just that, and effortlessly. Onlookers have long awed at Curry’s open court speed and superbly acrobatic finishes at the rim, but I feel that his most impressive skill lies elsewhere. Jaylen Curry has the most elite facilitative instincts I have seen in person when he chooses to focus in on this area of his game. To watch him in an open gym setting is something you have to see to understand, I believe he feels almost just as comfortable in regulation games. 

6’6 2022 Chance Morrow (Charlotte Guards/West Charlotte) 

Chance Morrow is the most talented two-sport athlete that I know of in the state of North Carolina. If you know of another player that is committed to play at a Power 5 conference school in one sport, while boasting true Division One talent in another, I would like to know who it is. Committed to play Wide Receiver at The University of Louisville, Morrow has also established a reputation on the hardwood that many believe could translate to the highest level of college basketball. The sharpshooting wing thrives in the corner, and hit some tough shots, from deep, off the dribble. I appreciate the natural talent this guy has. 

2024 6’5 Isaiah Evans (CLT Nation/North Meck) 

If you really just sit down and watch Isaiah Evans play, it’s impossible to walk away without feeling moved by the talent that this lengthy wing possesses. Evans is a fluid wing prospect that has truly begun to show elite comfort from all 3-levels. I’ve known of his ability to play above the rim ever since his lone JV season, when a clip of him throwing down a monstrous dunk reached my Instagram feed. I believe I share the popular opinion that Evans will one day be a highly regarded recruit.