By: DeAjai Dawkins

6'1 2022 Landon King (United We Stand/West Charlotte)

Landon has always stood out to me given his fearlessness on the floor, and his ability to score in impressive volumes when hot. The scoring guard thrives in scenarios where he's guarded by players with matching size. West Charlotte will find a ton of value this season in King's ability to produce from both the mid-range area, as well as from beyond the perimeter.'

6'5 2024 Logan Ware (Strong Center/Panther Creek)'

Logan is a forward prospect with a noteworthy length for his age, white showing signs of a guy that could possibly experience major development over the course of these next few years. Ware is a varsity-ready stretch forward with budding perimeter abilities. Nice interior target.'

6'4 2023 Dallas Gardner (Charlotte Dragons/Charlotte Country Day)'

Dallas has impressed me since the first time I watched him play. His production as a well-built, athletic two-way combo guard stood out amongst his peers in NC's 2023 class. Today, his athleticism has far eclipsed where it was when I first met him, and he's now looking poised to have a breakout year. Gardner could very well establish himself as one of NC 2023's premier players this season. 

6'2 2022 Blair Crumble (Team Hope/Metrolina Christian Academy)'

The senior leader of this group, Blair is a strong lead guard with one of the more impressive downhill games in this event. His stands out this weekend given his strong frame at the lead guard position, as well as his ability to impact the game when playing downhill. Crumble has shown that he can be an engaged defender, while also showing the ability to knock down a few open jumpers.

6'2 2023 Kimman Power (Team B.E.L.L/Carolina International School)'

Kimman Power is in a position to seriously help lead this Carolina International team this season. The combo guard has a solid frame with the ability to knock down shots from both the mid range and perimeter. He'll be accompanied by a slew of guards that also have a nose for the basket, but Kimman's frame along leaves him an advantage. When you factor in his ability to play the game, you see why he's expected to see a lot of leadership opportunities this season 

6'7 2022 Ethan Smith (@Winston76ers/@HPCAbasketball)'

Ethan provides this group with extremely valuable interior size. A player I believe schools should be inquiring about, Smith has fair touch around the rim with the length to rebound, at this level especially. Outside of his size, Ethan's greatest strength is that he is a gifted shooter from numerous spots on the floor. I failed to realize in game one that his most useful asset is his ability to consistently hit shots from both mid range and behind the arc. Should provide High Point Christian Academy some very valuable production this season 

2025 6'4 Jake Cackovic (Strong Center/Holly Springs)'

Jake is one of the first players I took notice of in this event. The lengthy forward plays with some true potential to eventually play on the wing at the next level. At this stage in his development, Jake is a solid rebounder with the ability to push the break. Slow, yet fluid game. He could likely play Varsity for a wide variety of programs across the state, depending on what his school's coach may want out of him.

2025 5'11 Graham Moose (Strong Center/Willow Spring)'

Playing alongside the aforementioned Cackovic, Graham is a confident shooter with a shot form that leads me to believe that he works constantly toward becoming an elite-level shooter. He's assumed some lead guard responsibilities while providing constant engagement on both ends. Like a number of players around his height and weight, the biggest jump in his game will come from physical development. Until then, though, Moose serves as a shooting talent that should be acknowledged. 

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