By; DeAjai Dawkins

6’6 2025 Hayden Assemian (Upward Stars 15U Fagan) 

Hayden is an impressive big man prospect with good hands and a soft touch around the rim. He rebounds at a high level and has shown the ability to score with an array of low-post moves. Hayden is a tough cover for a defender in general, especially one giving up size. I expect Hayden to experience a very successful high school career, given the advancement of his low-post skills alone. 

6’4 2024 Jordan Patton (Elite One) 

Jordan is a consistent, aggressive rebound that’s really beginning to add characteristics to his game that will aid him on the wing. His frame has developed since the end of his freshman season at Chambers High School, and he seems to get better and better with each appearance. 

6’1 2024 Justin Ray (Upward Stars 15U Fagan) 

One of the more impressive guards of the day, Justin is a crafty guard that operates in transition with a tight handle. He shoots the ball well and has shown he can get to the rim. His confidence and IQ give me high hopes for his future, and I believe he’ll further grow as his facilitative instincts. 

6’4 2022 Lewis Duarte (Upward Stars 3SSB 17) 

This weekend was my first opportunity to watch a player in person who I’d become a fan of through film. Lewis is proving his reputation as one of the state’s elite scoring talents. Duarte is a true 3-level scorer with intelligent decision making. A marksman with a release that will possibly quicken, I see him fitting in as a catch and shoot threat fairly early in his college career.

6’7 2022 Julian Phillips (Upward Stars 3SSB 17U).

Julian Phillips had the entire state of South Carolina on notice this past season, and rightfully so. Being an athletic wing with length and true scoring prowess, it is no surprise that many consider Phillips the top wing in the entire state. Phillips has the confidence to take over a game, and I’m sure high level coaches have been salivating for some time now. 

6’7 2023 Brenton Elliot (Rod Howard Select 17U) 

Brenton has impressive size and plays with the necessary aggressiveness on the wing to see success in a college setting. Elliot has two full seasons of high school basketball left to play, at a program that’s witnessed success the previous season. He’s currently a slasher, but I could see his play style expanding to a multi-dimensional role. Elliot’s biggest asset to a college at the moment would be his potential to defend a multitude of positions at the next level. 

6’2 2024 KJ Greene (Upward Stars 3SSB 15U)

KJ was clearly the most talented player on the floor this morning, assuming many of his team’s primary responsibilities. As a lead guard, Greene’s handle as well as his length and natural feel for the game stand out. He’s gained notoriety up to this point, and rightfully so, as one of the most talented 2024 prospects in the state of South Carolina. His recruitment should reflect that.