By: DeAjai Dawkins

5’7 2025 Q Williams (Team CP3 2025)
I want to start by simply saying, Q Williams is the most skillful 2025 lead guard I’ve seen in North Carolina’s 2025 class. I believe that it shouldn’t take longer than 3 full offensive possessions for you to see key differences in the IQ of Williams in comparison to his peers. Winning plays come second nature for Williams, whether that be him creating for himself or his teammates. His ball-handling abilities allow him the freedom to play as creatively as he desires, while his general understanding of the game likely deters him from over-dribbling. I, much like almost anyone else who has seen him play at this stage, am expecting big things out of his high school career.

2024 6’4 Jordan Patton (Elite One 2024) 
Jordan Patton impacts winning in a way that is proven by his track record. His Elite One AAU program was established around a calendar year ago, and since day one he’s served as one of their vital two-way pieces. During a COVID-stricken high school season, Patton played junior varsity for Chambers High School and averaged a near double-double on the way to a share of the conference title. If All-Conference awards were given to junior varsity athletes, there is no doubt in my mind that Patton would have won I-Meck 4A Conference Player of the Year. This year, he continues to develop his game into a varsity-level wing threat. His current abilities usually allow him to control the glass as well as get easy points off of putbacks. He’s more than capable of hitting mid-range shots, but seems to prefer scoring either directly at the basket or at the rim. Defensively, he’s proven himself to be a rim protector and even more authoritative on the glass than he is on offense. As his game expands to the wing permanently, Patton’s game seems to be multi-dimensional.

2025 Hayes Oxendine (East Carolina Elite 2024)
Hayes was another sharpshooting threat I watched today, starting his morning off with a convincing performance beyond the arc. I would not label Hayes as a “shooter” solely, as he seems to be just as comfortable getting to the lane for floaters. I think Oxendine has the elements of a true consistent scoring guard, in the body of a lead guard. Coming into his freshman year, I believe Hayes instantly provides varsity-level talents that could serve as an asset for his high school. A truly dangerous player could emerge from 4 full years of high school ball for a player with Hayes’ level of confidence and scoring prowess. Looking forward to watching him develop.

6’0 2024 Gage Lattimore (Carolina Clutch 2024)
Gage Lattimore is one of two players attending Ben L. Smith High School that really caught my attention today, alongside 6’6 2024 Richard Goods. Gage is a true point guard with long arms, a somewhat muscular frame already, and stands at a true 6’0. His offensive capabilities are displayed in moderation over the course of a game, as long as his team is winning, but his most advanced quality at the moment is his passing. While Gage hasn’t necessarily separated himself into the category of the state’s best passers, I will say that his services are beyond beneficial to have on any roster. He showed the ability to make accurate passes in transition, in half-court traffic, and in situations where you’d assume he’d be the one scoring. I see Lattimore simply leading his team in games, and allowing the game’s balance to flow through him.