5’10 ’20 Fred Savage (Capital City Vipers)

Fred last names explains his game savage! He is dogged on ball defender who gets up in you and lets you know he with you every step of the way as well as being top notch defender he is an excellent playmaker who is shifty off the bounce.

6’0 ’21 Sterling Brewer (Cobras 2021)

Just know that if you put him on the floor Brewer is going to play with fire and passion and will go at you all game long at 100 MPH nonstop. Brewer is quick, athletic and brings his football toughness to the hardwood. Brewer makes hustle plays all game long I say this a lot, but you win with guys who don’t mind getting their hands dirty.

5’10 ’21 Daunta Hagler (Carolina Cavaliers)

Hagler is built like a tank not sure if he plays football but I see either a running back or linebacker when I look at him. Hagler uses his size, strength and tenacity to intimidate his assignments. I saw numerous times the ball-handler quickly give the ball up just so the wouldn’t have to defend them. Hagler don’t take many gambles on the defensive end he just a sound on ball defender who will be in your face all game.

5’10 ’21 Mustapha Shah (Garner Road 2021 RW)

Shah uses his supreme athleticism and size to hound his opponents and doesn’t give them much breathing room.  He showcased he could guard multiple positions and even did decent job on post players when he was switched onto them.

6’2 ’21 Jacob Hukins (Team Trezz)

Hukins is extremely athletic and bouncy with a muscular frame and good length. Hukins moves well laterally and doesn’t mind mixing it up with the post players has quick hands and plays the passing lanes very well. You should start hearing Hukins name over the next two seasons should be one of the better guards in the NC class

5’10 ’21 Clay Hodges (Carolina Riptide)

Hodges is an excellent defender who refused to back down from anyone in his path. He’s so rugged and gritty defensively and forces turnovers at an exceptional rate. Hodges leads by example and it starts on the defensive end. He doesn’t have the size to guard the post but best believe if he somehow gets assigned to it he will make it very difficult for them. I mentioned this before Hodges is the type of player you will hate playing against but would love to have on your team he is the ultimate pest on defense.

6’1 ’21 Ayden Gamble (Cobras 2021)

Gamble gets the chase down block award it’s very rarely if he is chasing behind you that you will get those two points. He has good timing and for him to be only 6’1 he is the team leader in blocks. He also a very sound on ball defender who loves to jump the passing lane for easy steals.